Don't stop 'til you get enough

Originally Published: August 11, 2009
By David Duffey |

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The Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:

Because I'm bad, I'm bad -- come on
(Bad bad -- really, really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad -- come on, you know
(Bad bad -- really, really bad)
And the whole world has to
Answer right now
Just to tell you once again
Who's bad …

-- "Bad," Michael Jackson

Who's bad? The Bottom 10 tries to answer that question each week during the college football season. Michael Jackson might be gone, but his work and words won't be forgotten in our world. The King of Pop's music will provide the beat for our preseason ranking of teams moonwalking to the bottom of the college football barrel.

When we last visited the Bottom 10 world, Washington was bad -- really, really bad. The Huskies were the only winless Football Bowl Subdivision team in 2008. Bottom 10 law requires a team to win before it can beat it from the list. So, the Bottom 10 will continue to rock with U-Dub, but the Huskies are not starting the season at No. 1.

North Texas edged out Western Kentucky for that honor. The race between the new Sun Belt rivals is sure to be a season-long thriller.

The buildup for any SEC game involving Tennessee also will be a thriller. Wanna be startin' somethin'? P.Y.T. Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin sure seemed to during the offseason, landing the Vols on multiple SEC target lists and in the highly coveted No. 5 spot.

The Bottom 10 is glad to be back and is ready to rock with you through the preseason edition.

So, with apologies to Steve Harvey, here's the 2009 preseason Bottom 10:'s Bottom 10
1. North Texas 1-11 "The Way You Make Me Feel": The Mean Green knock the Bottom 10 off its feet, which is more than the UNT defense did to anyone in 2008.
2. Western Kentucky 2-10 "ABC": Reading, writing and arithmetic are the branches of the learning tree, but success won't be as easy as A, B, C or 1, 2, 3 for the Hilltoppers -- even in the Sun Belt.
3. Idaho 2-10 "Smooth Criminal": Vandals, are you OK? Are you OK, Vandals? Regardless of how that question is phrased, the answer usually has been no. Doesn't look like '09 will be any different.
4. Eastern Michigan 3-9 "Never Can Say Goodbye": Tell me why is it so? That the Bottom 10 never can say goodbye to the Eagles. No, no, no, no, no, no. We never can say goodbye.
5. Tennessee 5-7 "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'": Lane Kiffin's got to be startin' somethin'. Think the folks at Alabama, Florida, Georgia and South Carolina feel like they have a score to settle?
6. New Mexico State 3-9 "Rock With You": The Bottom 10 is gonna rock with the Aggies (all night). Until new coach DeWayne Walker dances them into day (sunlight).
7. Tulane 2-10 "Beat It": The Green Wave have lost eight straight. No one wants to be defeated. Time for showin' how funky strong their fight is. It doesn't matter who's wrong or right.
8. Iowa State 2-10 "Man In The Mirror": If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, then make a change. The Cyclones are counting on new coach Paul Rhoads to make that change.
9. SMU 1-11 "Thriller": SMU's defense can thrill you more than any ghost who would dare to try. June Jones' offense will have to help the Ponies break their 10-game losing streak.
10. Washington 0-12 "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough": Keep on with the force. Don't stop. Don't stop 'til you get enough. The Huskies' 14-game losing streak is the nation's longest. But Idaho visits in Week 2. Will that be enough?

Waiting list: Army (3-9), Indiana (3-9), Louisiana-Monroe (4-8), Miami (Ohio) (2-10), San Diego State (2-10), Syracuse (3-9), Toledo (3-9), UAB (4-8), Washington State (2-11).

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