These six make habit of passing glory

It seems like all we talk about these days in the world of hoops is how many points players score. Sure, points are the glory stat, the one that entertains and drives discussion. And yeah, the individuals who amass brilliant totals are typically blessed with unique talent.

But in many cases, good offense must accompany high-scoring performances, at least for most of the teams that climb the NCAA Tournament ranks. And good offense is often a direct result of cohesive offensive execution and, of course, the way teams share the basketball. Essentially, the root of good offense besides chemistry and execution, then, is the perfect pass.

So how do you define the perfect pass?

Through keen perception and a strong periphery, I think delivering the ideal pass is the ability to put a teammate in a perfect position to score. It should lead her ever so slightly in the best possible direction, based upon the placement of the defense. The passer must be able to suck the defense and create angles that do, in fact, make the pass simple and effective.

A good pass can be delivered from virtually anywhere -- full court, three-quarter court or even as a handoff. A deliberate, crisp pass flows with momentum from the body, and in many cases gives momentum to the recipient. For example, even a short wrap-around bouncer into the post should be delivered with momentum insofar that the post player might catch and work efficiently away from the defense. When it's done right, it will never leave teammates in a precarious situation.

There are some dandy passers in the women's game this season who every now and then will kick things up a notch to give fans something to talk about. Let's take a look at my top six, listed in random order:

Note: Assist/turnover ratio is the number of assists distributed compared to a single turnover. For example, a 2.0 assist/turnover ratio means for every two assists, one turnover is suffered.

ESPN analyst Stacey Dales-Schuman is a regular contributor to ESPN.com's women's college basketball coverage.