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Monday, March 31
20 Questions: Texas Tech trio wants to give you a quick look inside the lives of the players we cover. So we've picked the brains of some of the top athletes out there and will share their answers throughout the NCAA Tournament.

Senior Plenette Pierson, junior Jia Perkins and freshman Erin Grant have combined to form Texas Tech's triple threat all season long. So it's no wonder they teamed up to take on our 20 Questions.

Texas Tech trio
Plenette Pierson
1. Why do you wear the jersey number you do?
Perkins: No. 15. I used to like Vince Carter but he has been hurt. So now my favorite player is Allen Iverson.
Grant: I've had No. 14 since high school.

2. What's the one personal item you never leave behind on a road trip?
Pierson: Pink oil lotion.
Grant: Hair rollers.

3. What's your favorite CD/song to listen to before games, and who sings it?
Grant: 50 Cent.

4. Who's the one singer/band you can't go long without listening to?
Grant: Nelly.

5. What's your must-see TV program?
Pierson: Recess (cartoon), ER and Law & Order.
Perkins: Martin.
Grant: SportsCenter.

6. If you could compete on any reality TV show, which one would it be?
Pierson: Amazing Race.
Perkins: Temptation Island.
Grant: Road Rules.

7. What's your favorite non-basketball movie?
Grant: Save the Last Dance.

8. What's your favorite non-basketball activity?
Pierson: Sleeping and eating.
Perkins: Relaxing in my bed or just hanging out with my friends.
Grant: Shopping.

9. What's one thing most people don't know about you?
Pierson: I have very large hands and feet.
Grant: I eat a lot.

10. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Perkins: My jumping ability.
Grant: My height -- to 5-10.

11. If you could be on the cover of any one magazine, which one would it be?
Pierson: Slam or ESPN.
Perkins: Vibe.
Grant: Slam.

12. Do you have a tattoo? What is it? Where is it? If no, what would you get if you ever did get a tattoo?
(None of the players answered.)

13. Who's your favorite cartoon character, and why?
Grant: Bugs Bunny.

14. Do you have a favorite author?
Perkins: No.
Grant: No.

15. What's the worst class you ever took, and why?
Pierson: Anatomy and Physiology, because we had to dissect a cat.
Perkins: Accounting, it was too hard.

16. What name would you give to your first child?
Perkins: For a boy, Maurkel.
Grant: Chesley.

17. When you're done playing basketball, what sort of career do you want to pursue?
Pierson: Motivational speaker/color commentator.
Grant: Coach high school basketball.

18. What was your parents' favorite saying when you were a kid?
Pierson: "You better be quiet or I'm going to give you something to cry about."

19. Who's the best singer/actor: J-Lo, Madonna or Queen Latifah?
Pierson: J-Lo.
Perkins: None of the above.
Grant: J-Lo

20. Do you think we should go to war with Iraq?
(None of the players answered.)

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