Candace and Courtney take on C-3PO

Updated: March 1, 2006, 5:36 PM ET
By Melanie Jackson, Graham Hays |

Will the real CP3 please stand up? That's "CP" -- for both Candace Parker of Tennessee and Courtney Paris of Oklahoma -- and the No. 3, which adorns both jerseys.

This season, the freshmen -- who were once roommates while competing for youth USA Basketball teams -- have become two of the nation's most dominant players. And while their stats speak for themselves, fans and message boarders have declared CP3 as the moniker for both.

And yes, we know NBA rookie Chris Paul also is in the running, but we thought we'd see how the women's basketball versions of CP3 match up against each other. And just for fun, how they match up with … C-3PO.



Hometown Piedmont, Calif. Naperville, Ill. Tatooine
Color scheme Crimson and cream Orange and white All gold, all the time
Territory Oklahoma (69,903 square miles) Tennessee (42,146 square miles) A galaxy far, far away (too many to calculate)
Most comfortable With her back to the basket on the low block With the ball in her hands on an isolation play In an oil bath
Expectations Restore OU as a national power Lead Tennessee to its first title since '98 "These aren't the droids you're looking for"
Most recognizable skill Notching double-doubles Winning a dunk contest Whining incessantly
Shuts down Other team in the low post Everybody from posts to point guards Trash compactor (with a little help from R2-D2)
Shorter, reliable sidekick
Erin Higgins

Shanna Zolman

Gene pool Father and former Pro Bowl NFL lineman Bubba Paris Brother and European hoops star Anthony Parker Discarded scrap pieced together by 9-year-old prodigy Anakin Skywalker
Future plans WNBA WNBA Up to George Lucas
Voice in their head
Sherri Coale

Pat Summitt

Anthony Daniels
Got to work with Stacy Hansmeyer Shyra Ely Harrison Ford
Signature win at Baylor vs. UConn Evil Empire
Role model "Ann Meyers, Pat Summitt, Lynette Woodard and so many more" Former Lady Vols All-American Tamika Catchings HAL
Can brag about 2005 Naismith and USA Today national player of the year awards 2004 Naismith and USA Today national player of the year awards Only thing capable of understanding and translating R2-D2's beeps
International experience Had team-high 9.0 rpg in U.S. Junior World Championship Qualifying team's '04 gold-medal effort. Had team-high 16.6 ppg U.S. Junior World Championship Qualifying team's '04 gold-medal effort. Endor; Alderaan; the Imperial space station known as the Death Star
Studying Probably journalism, but not formally declared Enrolled in the College of Arts & Sciences Programming binary locators; human/cyborg relations
What others are saying "She might be the best post in the country right now, after only two months. I'd hate to see her as a senior." -- Texas A&M coach Gary Blair "She's a quality player, period. I don't think you needed me to say that. She is definitely one of the best players in the country." -- LSU coach Pokey Chatman "C-3PO is a liar! In Episode IV, he told Luke he was in many battles … but that he wasn't that good at telling stories. But in Episode VI, he was story telling to the Ewoks and making it very interesting."
Worst fear Playing without twin sis beside her More left knee injuries Storm trooper blasters
Archenemy Anybody in the Big 12 Connecticut Jawa traders, Tusken Raiders
Well-coiffed friend
Sherri Coale

Bruce Pearl

First … Big 12 player to tally 24 double-doubles in a season Redshirt freshman (along with Alex Fuller) in Pat Summitt's tenure Annoying, overtalkative character in George Lucas movies
Second … Tallest player in OU history Tennessee player to dunk in a game (if/when it ever happens) Second-most annoying Star Wars character behind Jar Jar Binks?
Plays nice with boys? No, her dad's 49ers whipped the 'Boys from Dallas No, she whupped 'em in a dunk contest Well, he was put together by a boy
Path to stardom Four appearances on Fox Sports Five appearances on ESPN2 Millennium Falcon
Message board fodder "Who cares if Paris is a frosh because she is straight up nasty!" Candace Parker, marry me!!!! "Does anyone know how C-3PO ended up getting one silver leg?"
Streakin' 21 straight double-doubles Rolls ankle in every nationally televised game Appeared in all six Star Wars movies
Unselfish game Cheers on teammates when sitting in foul trouble With Hornbuckle out, averages team-high 2.75 assists Offers to donate own circuits to repair damaged R2-D2
Constant theme Defenders no match for soft hands, quick feet She's going to change the way the game is played "We'll all be destroyed for sure"
Slam dunk Nation's leading rebounder -- by almost 1.5 boards per game Missed her first collegiate attempt (and first by a woman at Thompson-Boling) Thursday vs. Auburn Not nearly as cool as Master Yoda
Even better next year With Hakeem's 6-3 daughter, Abi Olajuwon, beside her When the Lady Vols get a real point guard Sure to be included as Lucas takes saga to TV

Graham Hays is a regular contributor to's women's basketball coverage, which is coordinated by Melanie Jackson.