Duke coach claims no contact by Longhorns

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- As her name keeps surfacing in
connection with coaching vacancies, Gail Goestenkors is trying to
keep Duke's focus on the court.

Goestenkors said Friday that Texas hasn't contacted her about
its opening. Several newspapers in that state have called her the
leading candidate to replace retired Hall of Famer Jody Conradt as
the Longhorns' coach.

"I really haven't had to take any measures" to maintain her
team's focus, Goestenkors said. "I talked to the team early on
when I first heard rumors, and I told them 'You're going to hear
rumors. You're going to read things in the paper. But that's just
everybody's attempt to try and keep us from our focus and our

"All of our focus, all of our energy, all of our interest is
only in one place, and that's with this team, and that's in
accomplishing our goals and getting back to the Final Four,"
Goestenkors said.

Guard Abby Waner insisted the Blue Devils' attention is on their
Greensboro Regional semifinal against Rutgers on Saturday, and
chasing Duke's fifth Final Four and first national title.

"The question of whether or not she's going to leave is not a
concern right now," Waner said. "Our concern right now is playing
Rutgers and then from there, winning three more games to get the
national championship. That is also Coach G's only concern right
now. Whatever she chooses to do once these two weeks are up, I know
that she'll make the best choice for her. It's not a thought. It's
not a concern."