Getting sentimental

12/27/2003 - Connecticut Huskies

(Editor's note: Senior Morgan Valley, a 6-foot reserve guard at Connecticut, will share a diary with ESPN.com throughout the season.)

Dec. 12, 2003

I just cannot believe that finals are already here. It seems like just the other day we were starting preseason and now we are six games into the season.

We just got back from a pretty short trip to California. We played two games in three days and really did not have all that much time to walk around and go shopping or see the sights.

As soon as we got to Cali, we had practice and then had the rest of the night off until film. A couple of us went to Third and Promenade to get some dinner and then we went over to the hotel to see Diana's (Taurasi) parents, Mario and Lily. It was fun. I love just sitting there and listening to her mom, dad and sister speak Spanish. I try to pick up on any words that sound remotely close to an English word.

On Saturday, we headed out to Chino to get a GREAT meal from Mario and Lily. The food was awesome, and it just kept coming and coming. The Taurasis definitely know how to cook. The funniest part of the whole trip was that at Dee's house that night we were talking about the weather and how nice it was. Back at Rancho-Cuca-Storrs, meanwhile, the snow was piling up. One of Dee's friends kept bragging that it does not even rain more there twice a year in Southern California. As soon -- and I do mean as soon -- as we left the Taurasi's house it started to rain and did not stop until we left for the East Coast.

Monday was a tough day. I did not know whether to sleep or stay up and try to resume my natural sleeping pattern. So I stayed up and watched Bruce Almighty and then went to Gampel to study for my exams.

I just cannot believe that the first half of the last year of my college career is almost history. I know it is really corny, but I am really going to miss this place!