Jorge Posada not in Yanks lineup

9/10/2010 - MLB Jorge Posada New York Yankees + more

ARLINGTON, Texas -- After Jorge Posada felt concussion-like symptoms Tuesday, doctors cleared him Wednesday to play again beginning on Friday, but New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi withheld the catcher from the lineup Friday against the Texas Rangers.

Posada is available to pinch-hit, according to Girardi

"I wanted to play today," Posada said. "I could have played today."

Posada said trainer Gene Monahan diagnosed his condition as a "mild, slight concussion," but Posada feels he has been symptom-free since Tuesday. Posada added that he has had previous concussions.

Girardi said that he didn't want to take the chance of Girardi taking a foul tip off the mask again.

"If he gets hit again, we could lose him for an extended period of time," Girardi said.

The manager said that Posada could pinch-hit because being hit in the head while batting is much less likely.

With A.J. Burnett starting Saturday, it is unlikely Posada will catch until Sunday at the earliest.

Girardi has designated Francisco Cervelli the Yankees catcher when Javier Vazquez, Friday's starter, and Burnett are on the mound.

Posada suffered the initial injury when he was hit on a backswing during Tuesday's game. He then experienced concussion-like symptoms that night, which inspired the Yankees to send him for neurological tests Wednesday. They came back negative, which allowed Posada to make the trip south.

Andrew Marchand covers baseball for ESPNNewYork.com.