Poll: Derek Jeter greatest NY athlete

3/18/2011 - MLB NFL Derek Jeter New York Yankees + more

The results are in: Derek Jeter is the greatest New York athlete of all time.

The Yankees shortstop beat out Babe Ruth in a Siena College Research Institute Sports Poll released Wednesday. Jeter collected 14 percent of the vote, and Ruth took 11 percent. No other athlete received more than 4 percent.

Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle tied for third and former New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath was fifth.

Thirty percent of those polled also said the Yankees were their favorite New York team.

"It doesn't matter, upstate or downstate, young or old, rich or poor, crazed sports fan or uninterested, the Yankees are New York's favorite team. About a third follow the Giants, Jets, Mets and Knicks, but a majority of every demographic count themselves among the Yankee faithful," said Dr. Don Levy, SRI's director.

When asked about other hot-button sports topics, 58 percent of those polled said they would side with the players rather than the owners in the NFL's current labor situation. Also, the majority (54 percent) would like to see expanded use of instant replay in Major League Baseball.

The poll consisted of 801 New York adults, contacted randomly by telephone, on both land lines and cell phones. The poll was conducted from late February through early March.