Chris Dickerson (concussion) day to day

BALTIMORE -- A day after being laid out by a 93 mph fastball that broke his helmet, New York Yankees outfielder Chris Dickerson feels good enough that he could return to action as soon as Friday against the Mets.

"He's going to be day to day," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said Thursday.

Dickerson did suffer a concussion from the Mike Gonzalez fastball in the 15th inning of the Yankees' 4-1 win over the Orioles on Wednesday. A CT scan came back negative, and he doesn't see any reason to go on the new seven-day concussion DL.

"Absolutely not," Dickerson said. "I think if there were any residual symptoms, if I had felt nauseated or were still dizzy, then I think there would be a cause for concern. As of now, I'm lucky to be in the position I'm in."

Dickerson said he had suffered concussions before. In sixth grade, he attempted to dunk on a 7-foot rim and hit his head on a metal backboard. A few years ago, he got one when his head slammed on home plate.

Gonzalez hit Dickerson in the head after Robinson Cano nailed a two-run double off the Orioles reliever. Gonzalez was thrown out of the game. Gonzalez said he had no intent and he and Dickerson spoke congenially on the field prior to Thursday's game.

When the pitch approached Dickerson's head, he had only one thought.

"That split second, you just pray the ball goes over your head," Dickerson said.

It cracked the bill of his helmet, and Dickerson lay motionless at first. Initially, he wanted to stay in the game.

"I figured 15 innings, you might as well make it through the rest," Dickerson said. "Baserunning, I figured I could manage baserunning. They were probably right that it was best to come out of the game."

Before he left the clubhouse on a gurney, Dickerson asked to see the replay.

"As we were walking out, I was like, 'I've got to see it really quick,'" Dickerson said.

Andrew Marchand covers the Yankees for ESPNNewYork.com.