Top 5 LeBron headline submissions challenged fans to get creative, and here's the best of the best

Updated: July 9, 2010, 9:51 PM ET
By has launched our brand-new back-page generator -- you can check it out by clicking here -- challenging fans to write better headlines than the pros.

Of all the entries submitted, executive editor Leon Carter gives the thumbs-up to these five takes on LeBron James' decision to join the Heat.

Congratulations to the winners! We expect your résumés on our desk first thing in the morning.

LeBron JamesKevin Winter/Getty ImagesScrabba44 is royally ticked at King James' shunning of NYC.

LeBron JamesKevin Winter/Getty Imagesdr.orfannkyl offers a nickname for the NBA's newest Big 3.

LeBron JamesKevin Winter/Getty Imagesj_b_k2010 is obviously a Gloria Estefan fan.

LeBron JamesKevin Winter/Getty ImagesCheck the map. LeBron is entering Dwyane Wade's kingdom, says rng4.

LeBron JamesKevin Winter/Getty ImagesSimply put, tgrosse3133 was not impressed by the decision to join Miami.

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