'Hard Knocks' downplays Darrelle Revis

Updated: August 19, 2010, 1:57 AM ET
By Rich Cimini | ESPNNewYork.com

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- This time, Darrelle Revis is an afterthought.

Adhering to the media blackout imposed by the New York Jets and Revis' agents, HBO's "Hard Knocks" downplays the cornerback's holdout in the second episode, aired Wednesday night on the cable network.

Unlike the first show, in which Revis' absence is a big storyline, there are no behind-the-scenes conversations on the Revis negotiations and no secret meetings between the two sides. The matter is addressed by showing a news clip of the Woody Johnson-Mike Tannenbaum news conference that occurred after a practice early in training camp.

"Hard Knocks" shows the clip of Johnson saying "The answer is no" when asked by a reporter if he's optimistic about the chances of signing Revis to a new contract. But HBO does air a funny scene in which Tannenbaum and coach Rex Ryan mock Revis' agents by parroting their infamous "blatant liar" line.

Ryan and Tannenbaum, seated in an office, get into an exchange over who might be responsible for disappearing M&M's. Tannenbaum cracks, "I know I'm a blatant liar." Ryan responds, "History speaks for itself; you are a blatant liar." The group laughs.

The acrimony between the two sides was ratcheted up when Revis' agents, Neil Schwartz and Jon Feinsod, told reporters that the Jets -- i.e. Tannenbaum -- are blatant liars. That led to a joint statement in which both sides agreed to keep negotiations confidential.

Revis also is mentioned during defensive coordinator Mike Pettine's speech to the defense before the preseason opener against the New York Giants.

"We've got to make a statement," Pettine tells his players. "Can we get it done without 24 [Revis' number]? That's the beauty of it. The challenge is going out to this entire room. The challenge is staying No. 1 [on defense] with the hand we've been dealt."

There's another indirect reference to Revis during the actual game, a conversation between Pettine (in the coaches' booth) and Ryan (on the sideline).

"Our backups are playing like [expletive]," Ryan tells Pettine.

"The disappointing part is, some of them are going to be playing for us this year."

The show also seemed to soften Ryan's image as a cussing coach. In the first episode, he dropped at least 10 F-bombs, creating a firestorm that intensified Wednesday when Ryan fired back at NBC analyst Tony Dungy for criticizing his use of profanity. In the new episode, he curses only a handful of times, with only two or three F-bombs.

In this episode, some of his assistants, namely Pettine, do more cursing than Ryan.

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