Darrelle Revis unsure of Week 6 status

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EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Darrelle Revis just looked slow as Percy Harvin caught the ball and cut left behind the line of scrimmage. There was no safety there to help, and Revis couldn't get his man as Harvin scored a touchdown.

"If I was 100 percent, I think I'd be there with him," Revis said.

Revis was back for the New York Jets' 29-20 win over the visiting Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, but his left hamstring was painful for the entire game. Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine didn't have their Pro Bowl cornerback covering Vikings wideout Randy Moss. Instead, Revis spent the first half predominantly on Harvin, and the second half Revis was on Greg Lewis, Harvin or dropping back into a zone coverage.

And even there, Revis struggled.

It was easy for his opponents to see. Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe said he could see Revis limping on the field. Revis said he began to feel his hamstring in the first quarter, and it got more painful as the game went on, although he didn't feel any tweaks or strains, just soreness.

"It was hurting throughout the game and I just fought through it and made it though the game," Revis said.

After Monday night's game he received almost an hour of treatment on it before coming into the locker room, and said the hamstring was very sore and swollen. Revis said he didn't think he'll need another MRI, but does expect to evaluate it day by day this week before deciding whether he will play against Denver next Sunday.

He originally felt soreness in the hamstring in the first game of the season, after missing training camp due to a contract dispute with the Jets. He played the next week against the Patriots, but at the end of the first half strained the hamstring trying to cover a one-handed touchdown catch, then with New England.

Revis missed the next two games. Last week he said he did not want to play against the Vikings unless he was 100 percent, so as not to reinjure his hamstring.

There was at least one bright moment for the corner, recovering a handoff fumbled by Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

Revis would not second-guess his decision to play this week. He said he was eager to be out there and the leg had felt strong in practice all week.

"This process is frustrating because I've never been hurt during the season," Revis sad. "So I want to be out there so bad with my teammates and win games, but I need to learn patience right now."

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