The List: Top 5 ferocious hitters

In this week's version of The List, Eric Allen breaks down the biggest hitters in the league.

Originally Published: April 16, 2007
By Eric Allen |

Big-time hitters make their presence felt almost every time they take the field. They play with a controlled aggression and have little regard for their own welfare. Here are my top five ferocious hitters in the league.

Sean Taylor, FS, Washington Redskins: He's reckless and plays with no regard for his body. A great hitter has to have no fear of hurting himself and that's the way Taylor plays. He's a physically dominant football player and brings that Ronnie Lott type of aura.

Troy Polamalu, SS, Pittsburgh Steelers: He's an impact player and brings the heat while playing at all three levels of the field. He's like a tiger on the field, but will miss tackles because he goes all out with his body.

Brian Dawkins, FS, Philadelphia Eagles: He's another hitter who wreaks havoc on all three levels and absolutely destroys people.

Rodney Harrison, FS, New England Patriots: He's known around the league for being a devastating tackler. After he delivers a big hit there are normally some flags and fines.

Julius Peppers, DE, Carolina Panthers: He's a physical freak, and when he comes off the corner he hurts people. You can't say he's just a defensive end because unlike a lot of ends he delivers a blow that is remembered.

Eric Allen

NFL studio analyst
Eric Allen, a 14-year NFL veteran and was one of the NFL's premier defensive backs, joined ESPN in August 2002 as an NFL studio analyst. His primary role is providing analysis for ESPNEWS' Monday Quarterback.