McGahee a difference-maker for an offense that needs one

Willis McGahee fits right in on the talkative Ravens. Better yet, the former Buffalo RB is talking about how this offense and this team is a perfect fit for him, writes Len Pasquarelli.

Originally Published: August 5, 2007
By Len Pasquarelli | ESPN.com

BALTIMORE -- Talk smack in the Buffalo Bills locker room and you're apt to be eyeballed like a guy strolling down Chippewa Street, wearing Bermuda shorts in December.

That is why Willis McGahee -- a Miami native who played his college career for the hometown Hurricanes -- was about as miscast in Western New York as an order of hot wings without celery and blue cheese at times during his four NFL seasons there.

Break out the verbal trash with the Baltimore Ravens, though, and, well, ...

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