Tennessee DT McDaniel enters NFL draft

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee defensive tackle Tony
McDaniel will forgo
his senior season and enter the NFL draft, coach Phillip Fulmer

McDaniel told Fulmer on Friday he had changed his mind about
staying in school. Underclassmen have until Sunday to declare for
the draft.

"He didn't give a reason," Fulmer said Saturday. "I just
wished him well."

Fulmer said he understood given "everything that was going on
in his life."

McDaniel's attorney, Don Bosch, said he couldn't comment on his
client's decision.

McDaniel was charged with aggravated assault, a felony, after
McDaniel hit a student in the face during a pickup basketball
game last year last January. A video of the basketball court on
campus showed McDaniel punching Edward Goodrich in the face and
walking away as Goodrich lay on the floor for several minutes.

Goodrich testified four bones in his face were broken and
doctors inserted a metal plate to repair his injuries.

McDaniel pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, misdemeanor assault,
and was placed under supervised probation.

The university suspended McDaniel retroactively, which wiped out
his summer school credits. Fulmer suspended McDaniel for the first
two games of the season.

Part of McDaniel's plea agreement was to pay restitution to
Goodrich. Bosch said Friday that his client had completed the
payments, but would not disclose the amount.