Higher, faster, stronger: Top combine performances

Top combine performances

Originally Published: February 19, 2008

Jerome Mathis, Justin Fargas and Reggie McNealGetty ImagesWR Jerome Mathis (left), RB Justin Fargas (middle) and QB Reggie McNeal (right) have posted the combine's fastest 40 times at their respective positions since 2000.
Eye-popping performances at the NFL combine often -- but not always -- can improve a player's draft position. ESPN.com researcher Ryan McCrystal has charted the best numbers in various combine drills since 2000. Please note: These are numbers recorded only at the combine, so any players not participating in drills (such as Reggie Bush) are not included. Also, 40 times are unofficial since they are recorded by two different timers; the best time is the one generally used.

Fastest 40 time, all positions (since 2000)

Name Pos. College Time Year Drafted by
Jerome Mathis WR Hampton 4.28 2005 Texans (4th rd.)
Stanford Routt CB Houston 4.29 2005 Raiders (2nd rd.)
Fabian Washington CB Nebraska 4.29 2005 Raiders (1st rd.)
Darrent Williams CB Oklahoma St. 4.30 2005 Broncos (2nd rd.)
Yamon Figurs WR Kansas St. 4.30 2007 Ravens (3rd rd.)

Most bench press reps at 225 pounds (since 2000)

Name Pos. College Reps Year Drafted by
Leif Larsen DT UTEP 45 2000 Bills (6th rd.)
Mike Kudla DE Ohio State 45 2006 Undrafted
Brodrick Bunkley DT Florida St. 44 2006 Eagles (1st rd.)
Scott Young G BYU 43 2005 Eagles (5th rd.)
Isaac Sopoaga DT Hawaii 42 2004 49ers (4th rd.)
Tank Tyler DT North Carolina St. 42 2007 Chiefs (3rd rd.)

Highest vertical leap (since 2000)

Name Pos. College Leap (inches) Year Drafted by
Gerald Sensabaugh S North Carolina 46 2005 Jaguars (5th rd.)
Derek Wade LB Penn State 45.5 2005 Undrafted
Chris McKenzie CB Arizona St. 45 2005 Undrafted
Chris Chambers WR Wisconsin 45 2001 Dolphins (2nd rd.)
Dustin Fox S Ohio State 43.5 2005 Vikings (3rd rd.)
Kevin Kasper WR Iowa 43.5 2001 Broncos (6th rd.)

Fastest 40 time, QBs (since 2000)

Name College Time Year Drafted by
Reggie McNeal Texas A&M 4.40 2006 Bengals (6th rd.)
Marcus Vick Virginia Tech 4.47 2006 Undrafted
Seneca Wallace Iowa State 4.56 2003 Seahawks (4th rd.)
Stefan LeFors Louisville 4.56 2005 Panthers (4th rd.)
Mike McMahon Rutgers 4.57 2001 Lions (5th rd.)

Fastest 40 time, RBs (since 2000)

Name College Time Year Drafted by
Justin Fargas USC 4.35 2003 Raiders (3rd rd.)
Derrick Blaylock Stephen F. Austin 4.36 2001 Chiefs (5th rd.)
Tatum Bell Oklahoma St. 4.37 2004 Broncos (2nd rd.)
Michael Bennett Wisconsin 4.38 2001 Vikings (1st rd.)
Maurice Jones-Drew UCLA 4.39 2006 Jaguars (2nd rd.)

Fastest 40 time, WRs (since 2000)

Name College Time Year Drafted by
Jerome Mathis Hampton 4.28 2005 Texans (4th rd.)
Yamon Figurs Kansas St. 4.30 2007 Ravens (3rd rd.)
Aaron Lockett South Carolina 4.31 2002 Bucs (7th rd.)
Santana Moss Miami-Fl. 4.31 2001 Jets (1st rd.)