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Predicitions day
What's in store for some of NFL's top playmakers in 2004?

Patriots over Seahawks. Eagles over Colts. Those are just a couple of the Super Bowl predictions from our experts. All four teams sit high in ESPN.com's Power Rankings and are featured in John Clayton's marquee matchups.
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    Monday, Aug. 30
    The hottest thing ... Wide receivers
  • Clayton: WR has become the NFL's glamour position
  • Pasquarelli: They all look up to Jerry Rice
  • ESPN.com: Greatest player in NFL history
  • Motion: Greatest of all-timeESPN Motion
  • Allen: Playing with and against Jerry Rice
  • Fact or Fiction: Randy Moss is the best WR in the NFL
  • Fantasy: Greatest fantasy WR ever?
  • Page 2: Best rookie WR ever?

    Tuesday, Aug. 31
    Feeling the heat ... Cornerbacks
  • Pasquarelli: CBs are under pressure
  • Clayton: Teams hurt by emphasis on illegal contact
  • Pasquarelli: Teams helped by emphasis
  • Fact or fiction: CB is the hardest position to play
  • Allen: How can CBs still succeed?
  • Motion: Defenses will feel the heatESPN Motion

    Wednesday, Sept. 1
    The hottest trend ... Swiss Army Players (ESPN The Magazine preview)
  • Fleming: Swiss Army Players
  • Wickersham: Hall stays busy
  • Fleming: Archuleta has no limits
  • Motion: Top SwissArmy Player?ESPN Motion

    Thursday, Sept. 2
    The hottest seat ... Andy Reid (and D. McNabb)
  • Paolantonio: Pressure is on Reid and Philly
  • Pasquarelli: McNabb the key on the field
  • Clayton: 32 players under pressure
  • Fact or Fiction: The Eagles will get to the SB
  • Motion: Under pressureESPN Motion

    Friday, Sept. 3
    The hottest return ... Joe Gibbs
  • Garber: Coaches can't stay away
  • Pasquarelli: What changes will Gibbs face
  • Madden: Broadcasting filled coaching void
  • Clayton: Former coaches take step back
  • Fact or Fiction: Redskins will make the playoffs
  • Motion: Old coaches vs. young coachesESPN Motion

    Saturday, Sept. 4
    The hottest duo ... Belichick and Brady
  • Garber: Belichick's the boss
  • Garber: Dillon in New England
  • Mueller: A winning combination

    Monday, Sept. 6
    The hottest team ... Seattle Seahawks
  • Clayton: Why is Seattle the hot team?
  • Clayton: Mike Holmgren
  • Pasquarelli: .500 to the SB?
  • Fact or Fiction: 'Hawks are best in NFC?
  • Motion: Contender or pretenderESPN Motion

    Tuesday, Sept. 7
    The hottest predictions
  • ESPN.com: Expert picks
  • ESPN.com: Preseason Power Rankings
  • Clayton: Preseason First ... And 10
  • Theismann: Preseason Cup O' Joe