John Madden
John Madden
Titans, Packers want to get healthy
By John Madden

I think we are going to see two chippy teams and the start of the game in particular may be a little different. Both teams want their players to come out and be passionate, fired up and ready to play and I think maybe we will see both teams come out just a little too passionate and excited. Both the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans have started their seasons exactly the same, a win in Week 1 followed by three losses. Both quarterbacks are coming in a little banged up and maybe a little too ready and a little too fired up.

The defense of the Green Bay Packers is a shell of what it was just a few weeks ago and they are vulnerable against both the pass and the run. So I think the Titans are going to have to get Chris Brown going but this game is going to be all about Steve McNair for them. If they are going to win, Steve McNair is going to have to be Steve McNair regardless of what happens in their running game. When he is healthy I think McNair is the best third-down quarterback in football, if they have third down and can just put him back in shotgun, where he is very comfortable, he can make some things happen. If McNair is healthy he can do some things against what can at times be a pourous defense for the Packers.

Brett Favre is coming off a couple weeks that he wasn't been able to finish the game, but he is going to play, and as long as No. 4 is on the field that is a tough proposition for the defense. In addition to Favre they have Ahman Green, who is a pretty good runner, as well as a pretty good offensive line. Now they did lose their center Mike Flanagan, and that hurts this line but the rest of the pieces are still in tact. Now if the Titans defense wants to play the pass then Green will chop you up and it will be a long night. But I like Green Bay better when they go in with a passing game and knowing that Favre is going to throw the ball all over the park and then they can run the ball with Green.

In watching last week's game with the Titans against the San Diego Chargers I never got the feeling that they could stop the run. Now one thing about that is that if something happens like the inability to stop the run then usually it doesn't happen two weeks in a row. When you get exposed like the Titans did last week then usually you work on that all week and take that away. That is going to make it tougher on Ahman Green but he is going to get his yards because he's better than they are!

Home-field advantage is something the Packers have had and have had for such a long time and that has gone away they have lost the last two at home and they have to gain that back and the only way to do that is to play good football and get a win.

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