John Madden
John Madden
Pack was flat
By John Madden

Coming into this game, the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers looked like a mirror image of each other. Both teams had been in the playoffs the year before, both teams won the first game of the season and looking like they were back on the road that they were the year before and then lost the next three games, both of them have great quarterbacks that were a little banged up, both have good running backs and their defenses are not what they have been in the past. So it looked like it would be an even match and right out of the box, the Titans took control of the game and never looked back.

Like I said during the telecast we went to the Packers practice on Saturday and they just looked flat. I thought to myself that there was something not right and the conclusion that I came to was that Brett Favre was missing and that had thrown the thing out of whack. Brett's brother-in-law had passed away last week and the service was on Saturday. So I just attributed it to that and I thought wow he is such a spark for this team and even on the practice field you could feel his absence, and then Monday night they came out and played the same way. They couldn't run the ball, Favre wasn't accurate, his receivers weren't able to get open and they had six turnovers. It's really tough to stay in a game with six turnovers! On the defensive side of the ball they couldn't stop the run, couldn't get a pass rush and their tackling was the worst I have seen all season.

As for the Titans I felt like their offensive line played very well, controlled the line of scrimmage, Chris Brown made some big plays especially early in the game and then Steve McNair made some plays down the stretch to secure the win. The play that stands out in my mind is the play where he was flushed out of the pocket ran around the right side and threw a dart to Eddie Berlin for a touchdown.

In the end the Titans were the team that came back and got into the hunt at 2-3 and look a lot better than the Packers at 1-4. Not because they won another game and the Packers lost another game, but because they looked like the better team. I don't know that the Packers can get any better, I mean sometimes you can see a team lose and say through that loss you can see some good things. I remember a couple of weeks ago we watched the Kansas City Chiefs lose to the Houston Texans and in watching the film I could see some good things and you knew they weren't going to stay bad forever, they were going to get it turned around. I didn't see that out of the Packers on Monday night.

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