John Madden
John Madden
MNF should be high scoring
By John Madden

Minnesota Vikings at Indianapolis Colts
This game is one that everyone looks forward to, high scoring, throwing the ball all over the lot and that is kind of what the NFL is suppose to be. That is the type of game we're going to have here.

The ironic thing about both of these teams is that we talk about both quarterbacks Daunte Culpepper and Peyton Manning all the time and how important they are to their respective teams and yet in a week when both teams take a loss, the missing part for both teams was their running game. The running game is the thing that keeps the defense under control and when you can't run then you become one dimensional and then it's easy for the defense to take away that one dimension. We know that this is going to a passing type of game with high scores but both teams are going to have to find their running game or they will be in trouble.

I do believe that the Minnesota Vikings are going to be able to run the ball but the way the defense of the Colts is going to play could be dictated by Randy Moss not playing. With Moss playing there is only one way to play against him and that is to keep two guys on him and one guy real deep. That takes that one guy real deep out of anything else, he can't defend any other passes and he can't play against the run. So when you play against a team with a healthy Moss you are basically playing with 10 guys on defense against their 11 on offense. Now if he is not there or you don't think he is healthy then you pick up a guy and that is a defensive advantage.

Mike Tice and his team are beginning to battle the same kind of things that they faced a year ago. The defense is not real strong, they came out and won a bunch of games early and now coming off a real beating at the hands of the New York Giants in Minneapolis. Now I am not saying that they can't win games with what they have because they do have the talent with Culpepper, Moss, etc. ... to win games and make it to the playoffs, but it's tough to have a lot of confidence and really believe that what happened a year ago isn't going to happen again.

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