Linebacker is recovering from gunshot

Pittsburgh -- Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter might start
against Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday even though he is listed as

Porter was shot in the upper right thigh by an unknown assailant
in Denver on Labor Day and missed the first two games of the
regular season.

Though coach Bill Cowher would not commit to saying whether
Porter would play, he said there is a chance Porter could start.

"I want to see where he's at by the end of the week," Cowher
said. "He probably would start. How much he plays at that point? I
don't know. A lot of it might be more from a conditioning
standpoint. He's been out a couple weeks now. A lot will have to do
with how he feels."

Cowher said he could upgrade Porter on the injury report
depending on how Porter practices.

"He's had some tests done and everything looks good at this
point," Cowher said. "It's just a matter of watching him work,
watching him hit, watching him run and accelerate, and move when he
has to not think about it. He has to react. So I'm sure he'll be
upgraded at some point."