Broncos eager for McCaffrey to return

DENVER -- After three weeks of recuperation, Denver Broncos
wide receiver Ed McCaffrey plans to test his injured leg Monday
with an on-field workout.

It would be the first time since mid-October that the 13-year
player has even tried to run.

McCaffrey had been suffering from soreness above his right knee
for about two weeks when he felt a sharp pain during the Thursday
practice before the Oct. 19 game at Minnesota.

He worked out in pregame warm-ups before that game, but didn't
play. He has since missed games against Baltimore and New England
while continuing to heal.

McCaffrey's availability for the Broncos' Nov. 16 home game
against San Diego will depend largely on how he feels during his
workout Monday, he said.

"I'm not going to go out Monday and go full-bore and re-injure
myself," he said. "I'm not going to test it, meaning I'm not
going to go out and see what I can do without pushing it to the
extent that I re-injure myself. And I don't know how far that will

"What I'm hoping is, it feels good enough to play."

McCaffrey had caught eight passes for 73 yards before the
injury, but his absence has been felt in the running game, where
the Broncos rely on his downfield blocking. The Broncos also have
struggled on third-down plays while McCaffrey and quarterback Jake Plummer (broken bone, left foot) have been out.

"We need him for that veteran ability to come up with that big
third-down catch when it's the fourth quarter and we're trying to
put people away," Broncos general manager Ted Sundquist said this

McCaffrey said he is working out two hours a day, and said his
leg started to feel better this week.