QB has played all year with break

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey has been playing all season with a broken bone in his right foot.

"It's flared up pretty bad recently," said Ramsey, who has had
difficulty planting the foot when throwing. "It's just something
I'm trying to fight through."

Coach Steve Spurrier revealed the injury Monday, a day after
Ramsey had one of his worst games of the season in a 20-17 loss at

Ramsey said the foot started hurting during training camp. An
X-ray disclosed an old fracture. Ramsey has no idea when or how it

"It never hurt me last season. It never hurt me in college,"
Ramsey said. "But at some point, I apparently fractured my foot. I
know that sounds odd."

Ramsey said he wasn't really bothered by the injury until the
last couple of weeks.

"It's hard to push off my back foot. It's hard to turn my hips.
It's hard to do a lot of things," Ramsey said. "We're trying to
do all we can to support it and keep it going."

Ramsey was 16-for-35 for 150 yards and missed two wide open
receivers for sure touchdowns against the Panthers. His 53.5
completion percentage ranks 31st in the league.

Ramsey also was sacked three times Sunday, bringing his season's
total to 29. His injuries this year already included a sprained
left shoulder, a bruised left forearm and a dislocated left pinkie.

Ramsey said he doesn't intend to take a game off to let the foot

"Not if I can play," he said.