Reeves' coaching highlights

Updated: December 10, 2003, 11:04 AM ET

Year Team Record Notable
1981 Denver 10-6-0 Broncos 2nd in AFC West
1982 Denver 2-7-0 In strike season, Broncos wallow.
1983 Denver 9-7-0 Third in AFC West and earn wild card. Lose to Seattle in first round.
1984 Denver 13-3-0 Win AFC West, but lose to Pittsburgh in Division Playoff game. Reeves is AFC Coach of the Year.
1985 Denver 11-5-0 Second in AFC West. Miss playoffs despite 11 wins and a record-setting season for total offense and points.
1986 Denver 11-5-0 Win AFC West and beat New England and Cleveland in the AFC playoffs; Lose to New York Giants in Super Bowl.
1987 Denver 10-4-1 Win AFC West and down Houston and Cleveland in AFC playoffs; Lose to Washington (and Doug Williams) in Super Bowl.
1988 Denver 8-8-0 Broncos slump to .500 and miss playoffs.
1989 Denver 11-5-0 Broncos rebound to win division and beat Pittsburgh and Cleveland in AFC playoffs; Routed by San Francisco in Super Bowl (55-10)
1990 Denver 5-11-0 Broncos last in AFC West. Reeves under fire.
1991 Denver 12-4-0 Broncos rebound to win AFC West and beat Houston in Division Playoffs; Loses to Buffalo in conference title game.
1992 Denver 8-8-0 Broncos fall to third in AFC West. Reeves is fired.
1993 N.Y. Giants 11-5-0 Reeves is hired on Jan. 27 and takes a 6-10 team to 11-5 and a playoff berth. Giants beat Minnesota in first round, but lose to San Francisco in Division Playoff game.
1994 N.Y. Giants 9-7-0 Giants finish second in division and miss playoffs.
1995 N.Y. Giants 5-11-0 Giants fall to fourth in NFC East.
1996 N.Y. Giants 6-10-0 A last-place finish in NFC East ends Reeves' career in New York.
1997 Atlanta 7-9-0 Reeves is hired on Jan. 21 and given control of all football decisions. He starts 1-7, but team wins six of its last eight games.
1998 Atlanta 14-2-0 Falcons beat Minnesota 30-27 in OT to win NFC title, but lose in Super Bowl to Denver.
1999 Atlanta 5-11-0 Jamal Anderson is hurt in Week 2 and lost for season; Falcons lose their first four games and never recover.
2000 Atlanta 4-12-0 Falcons start 2-1, but lose their next five to fall from contention.
2001 Atlanta 7-9-0 Falcons are 7-7, but lose their final two games to fall from playoff hunt.
2002 Atlanta 9-6-1 Falcons get back to playoffs and beat Green Bay on the road in first round, but they lose to Philadelphia in Divisional playoff game.
2003 Atlanta 3-10-0 Michael Vick is hurt during preseason game; Falcons never recover. Reeves is fired on Dec. 10.