Surprising titles for Gibbs' veteran staff

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs will
have two assistant head coaches, plus separate offensive and
defensive coordinators, when he returns to the sidelines after an
11-year retirement.

Nearly all of the names have been public knowledge for weeks,
but some of the titles were surprises when the Redskins announced
Gibbs' veteran-laden staff Tuesday.

Former Buffalo coach Gregg Williams was listed as "assistant
head coach defense," while Greg Blache is defensive coordinator
and defensive line coach. Blache spent the last five seasons as
Chicago's defensive coordinator.

Joe Bugel, who built "The Hogs" as offensive line coach under
Gibbs in the 1980s, returns as "assistant head coach -- offense."
Don Breaux, the running backs coach during Gibbs' first stint, is
the offensive coordinator.

As expected, longtime NFL offensive guru Ernie Zampese will be a
consultant for the offense.

Gibbs' son, Coy Gibbs, was given an entry-level position, making
Joe Gibbs the third consecutive Redskins head coach to have a
relative on his staff.

Stan Hixon, receivers coach at LSU, will hold the same job with
the Redskins. The only holdover from Steve Spurrier's staff is
defensive and special teams assistant Kirk Olivadotti.