Questions and answers from the Pro Bowl

HONOLULU -- We asked you to send in questions to get answered by your favorite 2004 Pro Bowler. We took some of those questions to the locker rooms after the NFC's 55-52 victory over the AFC and here are the responses that we got:

Once the game started, how badly did you want to win?
Rich Jones

Keith Brooking: Ultimately we're here to have fun. But you can tell the tempo picked up a little there in the fourth quarter of the game. You're fighting for that first-place money and the crowd starts to get into it. The pride of winning for your conference is also big, so it was a lot of fun. I can't think of a more exciting game, that's for sure. It's unbelievable.

Was there any one player that you had the most fun meeting this week?
Bill Kling
Houston, Texas

Matt Hasselbeck: There were lot of guys. For me, the guys who are usually chasing me like Leonard Little, Corey Simon and Michael Strahan, it was good to get to know. Those are the guys that you fear when you're playing them, but then you meet them here in this type of setting and they're just great guys. It was nice to have them as teammates.

Corey Chavous -- You had a GREAT season with your number of interceptions. How does it feel to make your first Pro Bowl?
Chris Kamp
Ham Lake, Minn.

Corey Chavous: I'm just happy we got the win. There was a lot of guys out here competing. We came out at the end and showed a lot of heart. I told the guys on the sidelines that if we did that, we'd have a chance at the end of the game. That game was a lot of fun to play in.

What will you remember most about your first Pro Bowl?
Rich Jacobs
Phoenix, Ari.

Anquan Boldin: For me this was my rookie year and this is just a great way to end my season. Although everything wasn't the way I would have wanted it to be as far as team record and everything, to be able to compete and get a chance to be over here with these guys, it was just great.

How much fun was this game to be a part of?
Pete Thomas
Charlotte, N.C.

Hasselbeck: It's awesome. We came out and didn't play well in the beginning, but we did a really good job hanging in there and Andy [Reid] did a really good job of keeping guys focused. We were having fun and, wow, what a game! I'm happy for the fans and I'm happy for us as a conference, I think it was just a good game for football.

What did it feel like to get called up and be asked to fill in Simieon Rice's spot?
Appleton, Wis.

Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila: It's been crazy. I got call Friday night [that he was replacing Simeon Rice], got on the plane early Saturday morning and was on a plane for nine to 10 hours. This whole year has been a miracle -- God has shown me a lot during the year. It's a miracle that I'm even at the Pro Bowl. I dind't even think that I would be an alternate because I didn't put up the same type of numbers that I did the last two years.

How excited are you for season No. 2 under Marvin Lewis?
Cincinnati, Ohio

Willie Anderson: Everybody in Cincinnati is looking forward to it. For us to make the strides that we made in one year under him, was great. He came in and made such drastic changes from what had been here before and those changes kind of sparked the team and sparked the whole organization, so we're looking for big things in year No. 2.