Fine could be as much as $5,000

DENVER -- Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer wore a sticker on
his helmet Sunday honoring former teammate Pat Tillman, even though
he expects the NFL to fine him for it.

Tillman, the former Arizona Cardinals safety who walked away
from the NFL to join the U.S. Army Rangers and fight in
Afghanistan, was killed in action in April.

Plummer was warned of the fine before last week's game and chose
to remove the decal.

"That was a decision I made and I was upset" about it, he

Asked recently about Plummer's sticker, NFL spokesman Greg
Aiello said the league's long-standing policy prohibits personal
messages on uniforms or helmets. Violators could face fines of

"I'll get fined," Plummer said. "I'll take my fine like a

He said he would ask the NFL to give the fine money to the Pat
Tillman Foundation, which was set up to honor him after his death.