Coming from behind a good sign

This past Sunday we played the Bills and the highlight of the game for me was getting to play against Travis Henry and Willis McGahee. I obviously knew Willis from UM, but I got to know Travis pretty well during the summer at a shoot for Under Armour. We talked then about playing against each other and we knew it would be fun. I was definitely talking some trash to him during the game, of course, he was giving it right back.

I've been wanting to play against Willis since he left UM. I was really interested to see how he looked and was glad to see that he looked good. He ran well against us and I'm just glad that his knee is better. As long as his knee is good, you know he's going to be doing alright.

Sunday was a big win for us. It was the first time we were down in a game and it was good to see how everyone reacted. It was good to see everyone confident and not have anyone bickering or doubting each other.

That's not going to be the only close game that we have this season. We were actually dominating for three quarters, but they got back into it late to take the lead. But we came together and just said this is what we have to do and then we got it done.

We're now 2-0 in the division, and winning division games is huge.

Not sure if all of you saw it, but I had a chance at my first interception near the end of the game, but couldn't come down with the ball. I think it was too good to be true, that's why I didn't make it. I want my first to be some spectacular play that I return for a TD or something.

As for this week, we're just getting ready for the 49ers. Coach Edwards told us that he puts the season into quarters. We were perfect in the first quarter, but now we're heading into the second quarter and he wants to see how we're going to handle it -- it's a challenge.