First loss hard to take

Well, unfortunately I just experienced my first NFL defeat as we lost to the Patriots this past Sunday, 13-7.

It was bound to come, but I was hoping it would come sometime down the road like five years from now after four Super Bowl rings. I honestly don't know what its like to lose. I only lost four times in four years at Miami and I expect the same thing now. This loss hurts so much because we were so close. Eliminate a few mental errors and we've got the game in the bag. Oh well, enough whining. We're still 5-1 and have a good chance to be 7-1 or even 8-1 going down the stretch.

I was happy to see Vince Wilfork after the game. I haven't seen him for awhile and we're real close so it was good to see that he's doing well for them. The only problem is now he has bragging rights until Dec. 26.

The atmosphere was just like a college game. It was so exciting to see the fans booing us before we even got into the stadium as if they could really intimidate us. I had a flashback of hoping to hear a band play during timeouts in college but that would've been too much to ask for.

Now I'm getting ready for my first Monday night football game. It reminds me of when we would play on Thursday nights back at Miami; all eyes are on you since you're the only game in town. I think we're going to bounce back from last Sunday. Coach Herman Edwards told us to put it behind us which we've done, so now it's on to the rest of our schedule. I'm very excited for Monday night, but of course I won't let the media in on it, so I'll just downplay it like I usually do until after the game.

Talk to you next week.