San Francisco's 2-14 record locks up first pick

NEW YORK -- San Francisco, Miami and Cleveland will have the
first three picks in the NFL draft, with the Dolphins getting the
second choice because their 4-12 record came against easier

The NFL released the order for the first 17 teams on Monday with
the rest to be decided by the outcome of the playoffs. The team
that wins the Super Bowl will pick last.

The 49ers, who had the league's worst record at 2-14, will have
the first pick followed by the Dolphins and Browns.

Then come Chicago, Tampa Bay, Tennessee and Oakland, all 5-11;
Arizona, Washington, Detroit and Dallas, all 6-10. Playoff-bound
San Diego picks 12th with the choice of another 6-10 team, the New
York Giants. New York and Dallas finished in a tie, but the Cowboys
pick ahead of the Giants because they lost twice to New York.

San Diego got the Giants' pick in the trade during last year's
draft that sent Eli Manning to the Giants for Philip Rivers in a
deal of rookie quarterbacks.

The Chargers are followed by Houston, Carolina and Kansas City
(7-9), and New Orleans and Cincinnati (8-8).