Former Pro Bowl center still faces criminal charges

MIAMI -- Former Oakland Raiders lineman Barret Robbins,
still recovering from gunshot wounds following a struggle with
police, was transferred to a Texas hospital to continue physical
rehabilitation and treatment for bipolar disorder.

The former Pro Bowl center who played at TCU faces criminal
charges stemming from a Jan. 15 fight with police making a burglary
call at a building that housed a pub, gym and jewelry store.
Robbins, found hiding in a women's restroom, allegedly beat one
police officer to the floor, slammed another into a wall and rammed
a third officer's head into a wall. Robbins was shot twice in the
chest by police.
Nearly three months later, Robbins was released Friday from
Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Robbins, who has posted a
$51,000 bond, will move to a hospital near his father's home in
Houston, said Robbins' attorney, Edward O'Donnell. An alcohol and drug rehab facility, the hospital specializes in patients with bipolar disorder.
The arrangement was approved Friday by Circuit Judge Kevin Emas,
who is presiding over the criminal case.
Robbins, 31, has pleaded innocent to three counts of attempted
felony murder and other charges. After a court status hearing
Friday, O'Donnell said his client would remain in treatment "as
long as it takes" and no trial date has been set.
O'Donnell said Robbins, who weighed as much as 380 pounds when
he played football, lost about 100 pounds in the hospital but can
walk and eat on his own.
"With his great physical condition, he was able to survive
this," O'Donnell said.
Robbins' downward spiral began in early 2003, when he
disappeared before the Super Bowl in San Diego, showed up the night
before the game in an incoherent state and was deactivated for the
game. After spending a month in an alcohol rehabilitation center,
Robbins lost weight and regained his spot in the Raiders' starting
lineup the following year.
But the Raiders released him last summer after he tested
positive for steroids. Before the Miami Beach fight, he was
arrested for allegedly hitting a security guard in San Francisco.

ESPN's Andrea Kramer contributed to this report.