NFL Statistics Glossary

Updated: October 31, 2007, 6:05 PM ET

CMP or CP Completions
ATT or AT Attempts
PCT or CMP% Percentage of completed passes
Completions divided by pass attempts
YDS Passing Yards
YPA Yards per attempt
LNG Longest pass play
TD Touchdown passes
TD% Touchdown percentage
Touchdown passes divided by pass attempts
INT Interceptions thrown
INT% Interception percentage
Interceptions thrown divided by pass attempts
SK Sacks
SYD Sacked yards lost
RAT Passer (QB) Rating

Rating Formula:
Step 1: Complete passes divided by pass attempts. Subtract 0.3, then divide by 0.2
Step 2: Passing yards divided by pass attempts. Subtract 3, then divide by 4.
Step 3: Touchdown passes divided by pass attempts, then divide by .05.
Step 4: Start with .095, and subtract interceptions divided by attempts. Divide the difference by.04.

The sum of each step cannot be greater than 2.375 or less than zero. Add the sum of the Steps 1 through 4, multiply by 100 and divide by 6.

ATT Rushing attempts
YDS Total Rushing yards
YPG Rushing yards per game
AVG Average yards per carry
Total yards divided by attempts
LNG Longest run
TD Rushing touchdowns
FUM Total fumbles
LST Fumbles lost

REC Total receptions
YDS Total Receiving yards
YPG Receiving yards per game
AVG Average yards per reception
Total yards divided by receptions
LNG Longest reception
TD Receiving touchdowns
FUM Total fumbles
LST Fumbles lost

YDS Total yards from scrimmage
Rushing yards + Receiving yards
YDS/PG Total yards from scrimmage per game
RUSH Total rushing yards
RU/PG Rushing yards per game
REC Total receiving yards
REC/PG Receiving yards per game

ATT Total attempts (kickoffs/punts)
YDS Total yards returned
TD Kick/Punt returned for touchdowns
AVG Average kickoff/punt yards per return
Total yards divided by attempts
LNG Longest return
FC Fair catches

XPM Extra points made
XPA Extra points attempted
XP% Percentage of extra point made
XPM divided by XPA
FGM Field goals made (all distances)
FGA Field goals attempted (all distances)
FG% Percentage of field goals made
FGM divided by FGA
PTS Total points

PUNTS Total punts, Net Punts plus Blocked punts
YDS Gross punting yards
AVG Gross punting average
LNG Longest punt
IN20 Punts inside the 20 yard line, a touchback is not an inside-20
IN20% Inside 20 punts divided by Net Punts
TB Touchbacks
TB% Touchback percentage
BP Blocked punts
RET Punts returned
YDS Yards returned on punts
AVG Average return yards on punts
NET Net punting average
Gross punting yards, minus Return Yards, minus 20 yards for every Touchback, divided by Total Punts

TOT Total tackles
SOLO Unassisted tackles
AST Assisted tackles
SACK Total sacks
STF Stuffs: see TLOSS
TLOSS Tackles For Loss
Does not include Sacks
FF Forced fumbles
BK Blocked kicks both punts and field goals attempts
INT Passes intercepted
YDS Intercepted returned yards
LNG Longest interception return
TD Interceptions returned for touchdowns
PD Pass Defended
Any pass which a defender, through contact with the football, causes to be incomplete