Broncos deal 22nd overall pick to 49ers

Updated: April 20, 2006, 12:13 AM ET news services

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- The San Francisco 49ers now have two first-round picks in this month's NFL draft.

Charting the trade
Most NFL teams use a Trade Value Chart to make sure they're getting enough in return -- or not overpaying -- when trading draft picks. The chart assigns a point value to every pick in the seven-round draft.

So how does this trade between the 49ers and Broncos check out on the chart? The No. 22 pick that Denver sent to San Francisco is worth 780 points, while the two picks going from the 49ers to the Broncos No. 37 (530) and the No. 68 (250) are worth a total of 780. So according to the chart the trade is a wash.

The Niners acquired the 22nd overall selection in the draft from the Denver Broncos on Wednesday for picks in the second round and third round.

The Broncos will receive the 37th and 68th overall picks in the deal.

The Niners own the sixth overall pick in the draft as well as No. 22 in the first round.

49ers coach Mike Nolan was delighted about his trade with the Broncos on Wednesday. With picks No. 6 and No. 22 in the first round, the 49ers should easily come up with at least two starters.

"At No. 6, you have a better idea of what you are going to get," Nolan told "In the middle or later half of the first round, we are pretty confident we are going to get a good player.

"We need starters. We're not just trying to build depth. We've lost some players this offseason, but I think our trade with the Redskins for Brandon Lloyd gave us an extra third round pick. We maintained our fourth round pick. We're dealing from a better position of power."

The New York Jets are the only other team with two first-round picks in the April 29 draft.

The Broncos now own seven picks in the first four rounds. They have the 15th overall selection after moving up from 29th in a deal with Atlanta.

Denver had acquired the 22nd overall pick from Washington in a trade last April.

Information from SportsTicker and senior writer John Clayton was used in this report.