Report: NFLPA against blood testing for HGH

6/10/2006 - NFL

The NFL Players Association doubts the validity of current testing methods for human growth hormone and says the league does not intend to implement blood testing of its players for HGH, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw told the newspaper that he and other league leaders doubt the reliability of blood testing first used at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

"What we're doing at this point is reviewing to see about the performance of the test," Upshaw told The Post. "We're not so sure the test works. There's no urine test, and even the blood test is not reliable."

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Jason Grimsley admitted to federal investigators that he took human growth hormone, steroids and amphetamines, according to court documents.

According to The Post, growth hormone is on the league's list of banned substances, but there is no reliable urine test for it. Upshaw said he would oppose blood testing of players.

"When you start talking about coming in to take a person's blood, that's different than taking someone's urine," Upshaw told the NFLPA. "I know personally I would have a problem with someone coming in and trying to take the players' blood. I'm not ready to make that leap."