Brady says he never worked out with Bonds' trainer

Updated: August 18, 2006, 1:07 AM ET
Associated Press

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Tom Brady was looking for a place to work out when he called Barry Bonds' personal trainer "five or six years ago," but the two never got together, the New England Patriots quarterback said Thursday.

"That was the first of it and the last of it," Brady said after practice. "I never heard from him again."

Government lawyers are investigating whether the San Francisco Giants slugger lied under oath when he told an earlier grand jury he didn't know whether his trainer, Greg Anderson, gave him substances that were steroids.

In a statement to federal prosecutors unsealed Wednesday, Anderson said he had also spoken to Brady on the phone.

"I had only one brief conversation with Tom Brady regarding a potential future workout," Anderson said. "I never had another phone conversation with him and never discussed it with anyone."

Brady confirmed what Anderson said and stressed that he never did work out with Anderson.

"No athlete likes to be brought up in stuff like that," he said.

A two-time Super Bowl MVP, Brady was the guest of first lady Laura Bush at the 2004 State of the Union, where the president singled him out as a role model for drug-free sports.

"Trying to be a role model for children, that's what I'm all about. That's what I stand for," Brady said. "I have a family I represent. I have a team I represent. I try to do that the best I can."

Brady, who attended the same Bay Area high school as Bonds, said he was back home one offseason and got the names of a few trainers who could help him work out. He reached Anderson, who was out of town at the time.

"I think he was at spring training," Brady said after the Patriots' last practice before Saturday night's exhibition game against the Arizona Cardinals. "It was before anyone knew Greg Anderson or who he was."

Brady said he had never been approached about steroids -- either at Michigan or in the NFL.

"I was lucky. I never had to make those tough decisions," he said. "If you wanted to do steroids, I'm sure you could go out and get them. But you have a code of ethics you play by. It's the same thing when you're on the field, the same thing when I play golf.

"I don't cheat at golf. It's just kind of the way you live your life. It's about integrity, you choose to make certain decisions."

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