QB rankings: Week 7

So who's the NFL's best QB? Who's the worst? And where does your team's QB rank? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks the QBs 1-32.

Updated: October 24, 2006, 12:17 PM ET
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.

So who's the best QB in the NFL right now? Who's the worst? And who's in between? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks all the QBs 1-32.

QB rankings
Rank (LW) Player Team Comment
Peyton Manning
Colts Vintage Manning, as he picked apart a fading Redskins defense for four TDs with great reads and adjustments. He found his go-to guys, Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, 14 times for three TDs in a huge third quarter.
Tom Brady
Patriots He is starting to get in sync with his receivers and his production and performance gets better each week. In the Pats' win at Buffalo he posted an excellent 112.4 QB rating in a virtually mistake-free game.
Donovan McNabb
Eagles He threw for 302 yards and three TDs in loss at Tampa Bay, but he had three critical interceptions and made some un-McNabb-like decisions, throwing into coverage and not making great reads.
Carson Palmer
Bengals Offensive play-calling got more aggressive, patchwork OL held up pretty well, running game opened up good passing matchups and, finally, the swagger might be back after win over Carolina.
Drew Brees
Saints He had the weekend off and now prepares for a tough Baltimore defense that will pressure him and play good man-to-man schemes behind it. But Brees is unflappable and knows how to find defensive weakness.
Rex Grossman
Bears Spent bye weekend at ESPN studio, which was more enjoyable than his six-turnover performance on "MNF" at Arizona. That performance was an aberration and he will learn from it and bounce back.
Philip Rivers
Chargers The crowd noise and the Kansas City defensive pressure bothered him all day (five sacks) but he continues to throw the ball well and he does a great job of taking what the defense gives him.
Matt Hasselbeck
Seahawks He has been sacked 19 times in six games and it finally caught up to him in a loss to Minnesota. He was knocked out of the game with a knee injury and without him, this is just another offense.
Brett Favre
Packers He looked like the old Brett Favre in a win over Miami, throwing for 206 yds and two TDs and he found his favorite target, WR Donald Driver, every time he needed a key play. And, more importantly, he made no glaring mistakes.
Chad Pennington
Jets He continues to quietly put up solid passing numbers by spreading the ball around, using play action, and avoiding critical mistakes and turnovers all while keeping his team in the playoff hunt.
Eli Manning
Giants At times vs. Dallas he looked poised and confident while at other times he seemed to get greedy and threw the ball up for grabs. The good news is that he got away with it. His numbers weren't great but he made plays when he had to.
Michael Vick
Falcons The ultimate roller coaster QB -- great one week, lousy the next. He was unstoppable in win over Pittsburgh with four TD passes. He asked for more passing from his coaches and he got it.
Marc Bulger
Rams Coming off a bye week, he now faces a San Diego defense that is being decimated with injuries and suspension. He's still the most accurate QB in the league right now and he makes excellent decisions.
David Carr
Texans He continues to play at high levels and nobody seems to notice it. His accuracy and decision making is top notch and his chemistry with WR Andre Johnson gets better each week. He is a guy to watch!
Brad Johnson
Vikings A very workmanlike game in win at Seattle. He didn't have great stats, but the offense did open up a little bit with some vertical throws and even a halfback pass and nine Vikings caught passes.
Ben Roethlisberger
Steelers He took another physical beating versus Atlanta and was knocked out of the game (concussion) but before that he was really hot, making numerous throws on the move, passing for 206 yards and two TDs and looking like the old Big Ben.
Jake Plummer
Broncos Offense opened up early and Plummer responded well, but a bad fourth quarter and conservative play calling brought him back to earth. The defense is carrying this team and Plummer must improve.
Jake Delhomme
Panthers He generally played well in a heartbreaking loss to Cincinnati, throwing for 238 yards and two TDs, but a costly interception in the end zone late on a bad read ended the Panthers' chances.
Damon Huard
Chiefs Huard had a good bounce-back performance versus a good San Diego defense, with a passer rating over 100 and two TD passes. He got the ball to his best weapon, TE Tony Gonzalez. All this guy seems to do is win!
Steve McNair
Ravens A much-needed bye week hopefully allowed him to heal. Still, the offense needs to open up with Brian Billick calling the plays and McNair needs to establish more consistency.
Alex Smith
49ers 49ers had a bye week and now he must face a ferocious Bears defense. He is improving and the game plans by offensive coordinator Norv Turner are excellent, but he doesn't have enough weapons around him.
Tony Romo
Cowboys Bill Parcells finally saw enough at half time on "MNF" and changed his QBs, replacing a struggling Drew Bledsoe with Romo. Romo showed flashes and better movement skills but he also had three costly interceptions to go along with his two TDs. Stay tuned!
Mark Brunell
Redskins In a loss at Indianapolis, he had solid stats and a 106.4 QB rating, but it was all smoke and mirrors because the offense couldn't make enough plays when it counted. Time for a Jason Campbell watch?
Byron Leftwich
Jaguars Playing on a very sore ankle, he was not very good in an embarrassing loss to Houston. His accuracy was off, there was no rhythm to the offense and he had several receivers dropping passes.
Bruce Gradkowski
Buccaneers He leveled off versus a complex Eagles' defense, even though the Bucs won the game. He only had 104 yards passing, with only five completions to WRs, but he didn't throw an INT.
Matt Leinart
Cardinals A new offensive coordinator didn't help in a loss to the Raiders because the offensive line remained the same -- awful! He was sacked five times and hit on several other occasions and he had no chance to get anything going.
Jon Kitna
Lions The Jets defense had a great game plan versus Kitna, playing mostly coverage schemes instead of blitzing and he struggled to make tight throws into small defensive windows.
Joey Harrington
Dolphins On paper he had a great day, throwing for 414 yards, but those stats were misleading. He also was victimized by four sacks and had three passes intercepted, even if they weren't all his fault.
J.P. Losman
Bills He had three more turnovers in a loss to New England and he now has eight turnovers in the last three games. Part of the problem is pass protection and part of the problem is bad ball security and decision-making.
Vince Young
Titans Used bye week to work on fundamentals and analyze early progress and also mistakes. He is starting to appear relaxed and his decision-making is getting better, but he is still a work in progress
Charlie Frye
Browns Marginal pass protection continues to be a huge problem and it robs him of his consistency. He was sacked five more times versus Denver for a total of 21 on the season -- but he is still a work in progress.
Andrew Walter
Raiders Although he was sacked five times in win over Arizona, he had a lot of time to throw and he made some excellent third-down conversions. He played his best game before leaving with a hamstring injury.

Gary Horton spent 10 years in the NFL as a scout and another 10 years at the college level as an assistant coach and recruiter. He is the founder and most seasoned member of the Scouts Inc. staff, and his extensive experience at all levels of football make him an excellent talent evaluator.