QB rankings: Week 8

So who's the NFL's best QB? Who's the worst? And where does your team's QB rank? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks the QBs 1-32.

Updated: October 31, 2006, 2:37 PM ET
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.

So who's the best QB in the NFL right now? Who's the worst? And who's in between? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks all the QBs 1-32.

QB rankings
Rank (LW) Player Team Comment
Peyton Manning
Colts Another spectacular day in last-second win at Denver over good Broncos defense. He threw for 345 yards and three TDs for a 129.2 QB rating. Made great decisions and "took what defense gave them."
Tom Brady
Patriots Absolutely shredded a good Vikings defense, throwing for 372 yds and four TDs, while running a lot of plays out of the no-huddle scheme . He completed passes to 10 receivers and was a master at identifying matchups and soft spots in zones.
Michael Vick
Falcons He had another great day -- 291 yards and three TDs -- in a big win at Cincinnati, and he looks totally comfortable in this offense, which features a lot of bootlegs and rollouts. He just plays catch with his receivers.
Donovan McNabb
Eagles On a very windy day at home, it was impossible to throw deep and McNabb averaged only 4.7 yds per pass and threw for just 161 yards and 0 TDs. The magic seems to be fading!
Rex Grossman
Bears Conservative passing game led to a blowout win over the 49ers. He used more safe short to intermediate passes and fewer deep gambles, posted a great 137.4 QB rating, and made great decisions.
Philip Rivers
Chargers With a dominating LaDainian Tomlinson running wild, Rivers didn't have a lot of pressure, but he still responded with a solid, mistake-free day throwing to TE Antonio Gates and L.T. on short to intermediate passes.
Carson Palmer
Bengals His numbers were good in a tough home loss to Atlanta (266 yards and two TDs) and he threw a couple of beautiful passes, but something is missing. He's getting hit too much, and he doesn't look comfortable
Eli Manning
Giants He didn't have flashy stats in a horribly windy day at home, but whenever he needed a big play, he simply threw a jump ball to WR Plaxico Burress in a win over Tampa Bay.
Brett Favre
Packers He attempted only 25 passes because of an excellent run game in win over Arizona, but he was effective and didn't make mistakes. He is showing a lot of patience as Packers start to play better.
Marc Bulger
Rams In a run-heavy offensive game plan, Bulger threw for 327 yards and two TDs without any major mistakes, but it wasn't enough versus a huge rushing day by Chiefs' RB Larry Johnson.
Drew Brees
Saints He finally played a poor game. Although the stats say he threw for 383 yards and three TDs, he also had three interceptions and was sacked twice in a loss to a swarming Ravens defense.
Jake Delhomme
Panthers In a tough loss at home to Dallas, Delhomme never really got anything going with an offense that didn't have the ball enough (the time of possession favored Dallas by more than 16 minutes) and he couldn't generate big plays.
Steve McNair
Ravens He had modest passing numbers in a win over New Orleans (159 yards and two TDs), but a strong run game led to good play-action opportunities. He also made plays with his feet and played a mistake-free game.
Jake Plummer
Broncos He wasn't bad in a loss to the Colts at home in an offense that featured a run-heavy scheme. He's not making a lot of mistakes right now, but he's also not making a lot of big plays.
Chad Pennington
Jets Bad day for Pennington in loss at Cleveland. He threw for only 108 yards and 0 TDs and had two interceptions. It was a nonexplosive passing game that averaged only 3.9 yards per pass.
Tony Romo
Cowboys A great run game versus a good Carolina defense took the pressure off and allowed him to manage the game. He made good decisions, used a safe passing game and bought time with his feet. An excellent first game as a starter.
Ben Roethlisberger
Steelers Although he threw for 301 yards and a TD in a loss at Oakland, he never looked comfortable and he made bad decisions, throwing four costly interceptions and getting sacked five times.
Brad Johnson
Vikings A poor night versus a swarming Patriots defense that gave him a lot of different looks. His lack of mobility was a real problem, and he forced too many passes into coverage, throwing an uncharacteristic three interceptions.
Damon Huard
Chiefs He didn't need to put up big numbers in a win over Seattle because of a dominating run game, but he did throw for 312 yards and one TD in a mistake-free game.
Mark Brunell
Redskins Brunell is coming off a bye week and possibly close to being replaced by Jason Campbell as season unravels. His production is up and down, and the sophisticated play book is nonexistent.
David Carr
Texans Was actually benched in the second half in a loss to Tennessee for turning the ball over three times and not looking like the QB who came into the game completing 70 percent of his passes. But he will start next week.
David Garrard
Jaguars QB controversy in Jacksonville? On a windy day in Philadelphia, he threw for only 87 yards on 17 attempts, but he managed the game well and the Jags won. Who will start this week?
Joey Harrington
Dolphins The bye week could not come soon enough for him. We see flashes of good play and some production, but we also see mistakes and turnovers. He must get better.
Matt Leinart
Cardinals He is 0-4 as a starter after loss at Green Bay and had mediocre stats vs. a porous Packers secondary. He is struggling to find open receivers vs. man-to-man coverage, and the offensive line gives him no protection.
Bruce Gradkowski
Buccaneers He's not getting better each week, but in the loss to the Giants, it wasn't all his fault. His receivers had several drops. However, 2-for-16 on third-down conversions won't get it done.
Seneca Wallace
Seahawks He wasn't bad in the Seahawks' loss at Kansas City, but he just didn't get a lot of opportunities. His offense had the ball less than 18 minutes, but he did throw three TDs, as well as two interceptions.
Alex Smith
49ers He is still a work in progress and -- in a blowout loss in Chicago -- he struggled, throwing one interception, losing two fumbles and getting sacked twice. He never had a chance versus the aggressive Bears defense.
Jon Kitna
Lions After a bye week, it's back to the drawing board, but at least he has found a go-to WR, Roy Williams. Still, this Mike Martz offense is not clicking yet.
J.P. Losman
Bills Spent his bye week going back to the film room and working on the flaws and mistakes that plagued him in the first seven weeks. He must cut down on turnovers in second half of the season.
Vince Young
Titans Best passer rating so far in win over Houston (87.4), but threw only 15 times in a very conservative game plan. He is still a big threat with his feet, but passing game is anemic.
Charlie Frye
Browns Different offensive coordinator led to different play calling with better results. Short and safer passes to Kellen Winslow and Braylon Edwards behind stronger run game lead to better efficiency and a win over Jets.
Andrew Walter
Raiders Embarrassing stats, no pass protection, drops by receivers, bad throws into double coverage, and 1-for-11 on third down -- yet he wins the game, thanks to the defense.

Gary Horton spent 10 years in the NFL as a scout and another 10 years at the college level as an assistant coach and recruiter. He is the founder and most seasoned member of the Scouts Inc. staff, and his extensive experience at all levels of football make him an excellent talent evaluator.