Shockey's comments get noticed in Dallas

Updated: November 29, 2006, 5:25 PM ET news services

A Giant Mess
For the second week in a row, a New York Giants player has gone public with his team gripes.

Defensive end Michael Strahan openly criticized his teammate, wide receiver Plaxico Burress, this week on a New York radio station for not trying his hardest on a crucial play in the Tennessee Titans' stunning 24-21 comeback win.

On the play, Burress appeared to not run hard to catch an overthrown pass from Eli Manning, then made a half-hearted attempt to tackle the Titans' Pacman Jones, who intercepted the throw.

"It's a shame, because Plaxico is a great player and a good guy to be around, but at the same time you're judged by your actions on the field and you can't give up, you can't quit, because you're not quitting on yourself, you're quitting on us," Strahan told WFAN-AM on Monday. "We work too hard all together to have that type of stuff happen, and Plaxico is one of the guys who works hard. I don't quite understand what his motivation is, or what his lack of motivation is in those type of situations."

Last week, Giants running back Tiki Barber publicly criticized coach Tom Coughlin over the team's offensive play-calling.

Jeremy Shockey's candor may have given the Dallas Cowboys some extra incentive for Sunday's NFC East showdown with the New York Giants.

After the Giants' Week 11 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars -- the second loss in what is now a three-game slide, puncuated by Sunday's meltdown against the Tennessee Titans -- Shockey told ESPN's Ed Werder there was "no way in hell" the Cowboys would beat the Giants if the Giants played up to par.

Bill Parcells

Jeremy Shockey

While Bill Parcells has downplayed the statement, it's certainly made news in Dallas, where Parcells has told the media he's "aware of it." The New York Daily News reported Wednesday that according to a Dallas source, the Cowboys have acquired a copy of Shockey's comments.

Shockey made the statements when asked if the Giants and Cowboys were headed in opposite directions.

"We are not worried about anyone else," Shockey said. "No one's beat us. We only beat ourselves. And that is what we feel like in this locker room. No one is capable of hanging around when we play our game."

"People seen that when we played the Cowboys the first time [a 36-22 Giants win in Dallas]. There is no way they have a chance in hell to beat us when we play our football. And that is the truth. No other team in this league."

Parcells downplayed those comments on Tuesday -- at least, publicly.

"Look it, these kids nowadays, you can't tell what they are going to say," he said after the Cowboys practiced. "I heard about it second- and third-hand so I don't even know really what it is yet exactly. Actually, what would talk have to do with the outcome of this game? You don't know and neither does anyone else."