Brees rises all the way to No. 2

So who's the NFL's best QB? Who's the worst? And where does your team's QB rank? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks the QBs 1-32.

Originally Published: December 12, 2006
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.

So, who's the best QB in the NFL right now? Who's the worst? And who's in between? Scouts Inc.'s Gary Horton ranks the quarterbacks 1-32. Also, you can rank the QBs, too.

QB rankings
Rank (LW) Player Team Comment
1 (1)
Peyton Manning
Colts He threw for 313 yards in the Colts' loss at Jacksonville, but he didn't produce enough big plays and at one stretch threw nine straight incomplete passes. The Colts are 1-6 when Manning throws the ball 50 times or more (he threw 50 times Sunday).
2 (4)
Drew Brees
Saints He dominated the Cowboys' pass defense with 384 yards passing and 5 TDs. He is patient, rarely makes a mistake, sees the entire field and has phenomenal accuracy. His accuracy is especially impressive on deep passes. He completed passes to 10 different players against the Cowboys.
3 (2)
Carson Palmer
Bengals He continues his hot play and is doing a great job seeing the entire field and spreading the ball around to all of his weapons. With a strong running game, Palmer is getting good one-on-one matchups with his WRs.
4 (3)
Tom Brady
Patriots He was totally frustrated all afternoon by an aggressive Dolphins defense. He was sacked five times and hit numerous times and didn't have time to find any receivers down field. He mostly had to dump the ball to backs and tight ends for a measly average of 3.1 yards per pass attempt.
5 (6)
Philip Rivers
Chargers Granted, he has the best player in the league lining up behind him, but Rivers played almost a perfect game against the Broncos. He threw for 279 yards and 2 TDs with no turnovers and had a QB rating of 136. He continues to play at a high level.
6 (5)
Tony Romo
Cowboys He finally came down to earth in a shocking loss at home to the Saints. He had two costly INTs and he didn't react real well to the Saints' pressure. For the first time, his decision making was somewhat questionable.
7 (8)
Steve McNair
Ravens He played his best game as a Raven in a great road win at over the Chiefs. He threw for 283 yards and 1 TD. His accuracy was outstanding in the game (77.8 percent) and he found his big weapons (Mark Clayton, Derrick Mason and Todd Heap) for 14 receptions.
8 (12)
Matt Hasselbeck
Seahawks He played his best game since returning from injury, but losing to the Cardinals is devastating. He threw for 243 yards and three TDs and had a QB rating of 133.5. But Arizona was able to bother him with its pressure (three sacks).
9 (13)
Michael Vick
Falcons The Falcons went back to their winning formula against the Buccaneers, running the football and limiting Vick's passing. Vick didn't produce many big plays, but most importantly, he didn't make a critical mistake.
10 (9)
Eli Manning
Giants He didn't put up huge numbers in the Giants' big win over the Panthers, but he played a smart game and made key throws.
11 (15)
Rex Grossman
Bears He finally settled down and played up to his abilities in the Bears' win over the Rams on "MNF." He went from a QB rating of 1.3 Dec. 3 against the Vikings to a QB rating of 114.4 against the Rams. He handled the pressure well on and off the field.
12 (11)
Brett Favre
Packers He usually plays well against the 49ers and Sunday was no exception. After a two-week stretch during which he threw five INTs, Favre played mistake-free football against the 49ers.
13 (17)
Marc Bulger
Rams He threw 55 passes and had 356 yards and three TDs, but it was in a loss to the Bears. He just didn't make enough big plays and the Rams didn't run the ball well enough.
14 (7)
Chad Pennington
Jets He had a little bit of an off day versus Buffalo, throwing two critical INTs and losing a fumble. He was harassed all day by the Bills pressure. His lack of velocity and arm strength showed up in this loss.
15 (10)
Trent Green
Chiefs Green had his worst game since coming back in Week 11 from a concussion. He had two INTs, was sacked five times and was harassed all day by the Ravens' defense as the Chiefs lost a game they really needed to win.
16 (20)
Matt Leinart
Cardinals He seems to get better each week and much of his success is due to improved pass protection. He has been sacked only four times in the last five games and his completion rate is now above 60 percent. He seems to have settled into this offense.
17 (18)
Vince Young
Titans Since taking over from Kerry Collins, Young is now 6-4 as a starter. He continues to make more plays with his feet than his arm, beating the Texans in OT on a 39-yard TD run. He is growing up as an NFL QB right before our eyes.
18 (21)
Jeff Garcia
Eagles Has played well in back-to-back games, both wins by the Eagles. He is running the West Coast offense very well. He has thrown eight TD passes with no INTs in 133 passing attempts in the past four games.
19 (22)
Joey Harrington
Dolphins The big passing numbers aren't there, but he is winning (5 wins in last 6 games). He has six TD passes in his last four games and he is managing this offense well. He's also helped by having a defense that is playing extremely well.
20 (14)
Ben Roethlisberger
Steelers He rode the legs of RB Willie Parker (223 yards rushing) and had a solid passing game against the Browns with one TD and no INTs. He seemed relaxed.
21 (24)
J.P. Losman
Bills Attempted only 15 passes in a big road win over the Jets, but he made no mistakes and connected with WR Lee Evans on a 77-yard TD. He is starting to develop a knack for big plays, connecting on four TD passes of over 50 yards this season.
22 (19)
David Garrard
Jaguars With a rushing attack that produced 375 yards against the Colts, Garrard didn't need a huge passing game. That's a good thing, because he threw for only 79 yards on 14 attempts and had a measly QB rating 43.5.
23 (25)
David Carr
Texans Although he did not post huge numbers, Carr was very accurate and played a mistake-free game. He had decent pass protection and did a nice job of spreading the ball around in a loss to the Titans.
24 (26)
Alex Smith
49ers In the last three weeks he has regressed, throwing seven INTs. In a home loss to Green Bay on Sunday he threw two costly INTs that killed drives. He is not playing with a lot of confidence right now.
25 (31)
Jay Cutler
Broncos Although he struggled in the first half in a loss at San Diego, Cutler showed some promise in the second half, throwing two TD passes to TE Tony Scheffler. He seemed a lot more comfortable than he did a week ago.
26 (23)
Jon Kitna
Lions He had another uneven game in a loss to Minnesota, throwing three INTs and losing a fumble. He now has 26 turnovers in 13 games.
27 (NR)
Chris Weinke
Panthers With Jake Delhomme out with an injury, Weinke got the start and ended up airing it out, throwing for 418 yards on 61 attempts in a loss to the Giants. With no threat of a run game, Weinke was pressured a lot and threw three critical INTs.
28 (30)
Derek Anderson
Browns Charlie Frye sat out the loss to Pittsburgh with an injury and Anderson responded with a fairly solid statistical game, although he didn't have the ball a lot because of a dominant Pittsburgh run game. He is showing some flashes of good mobility and accuracy.
29 (27)
Jason Campbell
Redskins The coaches limited the Redskins' pass offense because of Campbell's recent struggles, but he still threw two critical INTs against the Eagles that led to 14 points. He will make some good throws, but he's just not consistent enough yet and he's not reading defenses well enough.
30 (28)
Brad Johnson
Vikings Because the Vikings are still in the playoff race, Johnson continues to play. He had an average game in a win over Detroit. He made only made one critical mistake resulting in an INT return for a TD, but he relied on a good run game and a stout defense.
31 (29)
Bruce Gradkowski
Buccaneers He continues to struggle and was replaced in the fourth quarter by Tim Rattay, who didn't fare any better. There is not much consistency to this passing game right now, which is lacking any explosiveness and big-play capabilities.
32 (32)
Aaron Brooks
Raiders Marginal pass protection (four sacks) and no run game (only 45 yards) gave Brooks no chance to have any production in a road loss to the Bengals. It's a shame that the Raiders' offense can't play as well as the defense.

Gary Horton spent 10 years in the NFL as a scout and another 10 years at the college level as an assistant coach and recruiter. He is the founder and most seasoned member of the Scouts Inc. staff, and his extensive experience at all levels of football make him an excellent talent evaluator.