Reaction to the shooting death of Darrent Williams

Reaction from around the NFL and college football to the tragic shooting death early Monday of Darrent Williams, cornerback for the Denver Broncos:

"He is in a limo, you think he's doing all the right things,
he's not driving ... I mean, who shoots up a limo? But you've
always got to watch your surroundings. It's a sad situation for him
for that to even happen. That's some of the stuff you deal with
when you're in the limelight, people get jealous for all type of
different situations. Nobody knows what happens, but it definitely
went too far."

-- Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Joey Porter, himself shot outside a Denver nightclub in 2003

"He was a great guy. You kind of don't believe it at first
until you get called a couple of times. The first one you're like
'Stop playing,' then you get hit all night about it and you start
to believe it. He was a great dude to hang around with, a good
friend. He was real outgoing, just a good guy."

-- Houston Texans and former Broncos running back Ron Dayne

"He was the greatest player I have coached in my 20 years. He
wanted to prove to the world that he could play. ... He wanted to
prove himself, and that's the way he approached every game. It was
what made him a great player."

-- Oklahoma State secondary and special teams coach Joe DeForest

"He's a great kid, did a great job for us. I talked to a couple
of [Denver] coaches this morning and a couple of our players that
know him very well and it's very unfortunate. The kid had a great

-- Houston Texans coach and former Broncos assistant Gary Kubiak

"All of us are devastated by this tragedy. To lose a young
player, and more important, a great young man such as Darrent
Williams, is incomprehensible. To lose him in such a senseless
manner as this is beyond words. ... Darrent was a wonderful young
man, and his passing is a great loss for his family, the Broncos
and the city."

-- Broncos owner Pat Bowlen

"We all know that Darrent was an excellent player, but as a
person, he was a first class young man who brightened every room
with his smile, attitude and personality. I cannot express how
heartsick I feel at this loss."

-- Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan

"I just want to take this opportunity to let the family members
and everybody associated with the Broncos, let them know how deeply
we are saddened as an organization and as players and coaches for
the tragic event that happened last night."

-- Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher

"Any time you lose a guy who was close to everyone, it hurts.
From the get-go, he was like one of your good friends."

-- Broncos punter Paul Ernster

"He was one of the most positive young men I've ever been
around. In the almost three years I've known him, I've never seen
him down. He lit up the room with his smile. His smile was the
biggest thing."

-- Williams' agent, Jeff "Griff" Griffin