Reid's son is charged with DUI and drug violations

NORRISTOWN, Pa. -- A son of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy
Reid was charged Wednesday with driving under the influence and
drug violations while still awaiting sentencing for a separate
road-rage incident earlier this year.

Britt Reid was jailed last week for violating bail terms after
police found 30½ pills, including the painkiller hydrocodone,
amphetamines and antidepressants, during a traffic stop in Plymouth

Charges from that stop were announced Wednesday.

Two weeks ago, the 22-year-old Reid pleaded guilty to gun and
drug charges stemming from a January encounter in which police say
he brandished a gun at another driver. While out on bail, he was
required to remain drug-free and drive only to his community
college classes.

In the latest incident, Reid was charged with a misdemeanor
count of driving under the influence, three drug violations and
careless driving, authorities said.

Police, alerted by a suspicious store clerk, approached Reid's
car in a mall parking lot last week. Plymouth Township officers
activated their lights and then watched Reid's car hit a shopping
cart. The officers pulled Reid over and administered a field
sobriety test, which he failed.

"I am quite confident that the evidence shows that Britt Reid
was not capable of operating a vehicle safely," Montgomery County
District Attorney Bruce Castor Jr. said at a news conference.

Investigators said they also found a pill crusher, a pipe used
to smoke marijuana and a $10 bill with white residue that they
believe may have been used to snort drugs.

Reid, wearing a black pinstripe suit, a red striped tie and
handcuffs, was arraigned on the new charges Wednesday by
Conshohocken District Judge Francis J. Bernhardt III, who set bail
at $5,000.

Reid's attorney, Ross Weiss, declined to comment on the
accusations. He said Reid would remain jailed because his bail had
been revoked in the previous case.

Castor said the state Attorney General would likely take over
prosecution of the case because of a possible conflict of interest
involving Reid's attorney.

Britt Reid's older brother, 24-year-old Garrett, also is facing
jail time for drug and traffic charges. Garrett Reid admitted using
heroin the day he ran a red light and hit another car -- the same
day Britt Reid was arrested in the road-rage case. He faces a
mandatory minimum of three days in jail.

Andy Reid has refused to discuss his sons' legal problems. In
February, the coach took a five-week leave from the team to deal
with the family problems.

"Family, obviously, is the most important thing in my life,"
Andy Reid said after returning to the team in the spring. "To say
walking away, I can't say it doesn't cross your mind. I knew I
needed to take some time and to make sure I addressed the issue."