'Person of interest' in Darrent Williams shooting denies role

Updated: October 16, 2007, 1:42 PM ET
Associated Press

DENVER -- A man police consider a person of interest in the slaying of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams has denied he was involved in the slaying.

"I was not involved or present," Willie Clark told the Rocky Mountain News in a letter reported in Tuesday editions.

Williams died from a gunshot wound in his neck as he and others were riding in a limousine after a News Year's party at a Denver nightclub.

The shots were fired from a white sport-utility vehicle that police said was registered to Brian Hicks, an accused gang leader who was behind bars at the time. Investigators have accused Clark of working for Hicks in an alleged drug operation.

Clark is in jail on drug charges. He was arrested on a parole violation four days after Williams was killed, released briefly in July and arrested again after a grand jury indicted him and other suspected gang members on the drug charges.

No one has been arrested on charges stemming directly from the shooting.

Clark said he didn't know who killed Williams.

The News said it had received three letters from Clark. In one, Clark accused three people of implicating him in Williams' slaying. He did not identify them but said they were hoping to get shorter prison sentences on drug or weapons charges by appearing to cooperate with the Williams investigation.

In the letters, Clark also denied any drug violations.

"I do not condone black-on-black violence or gang violence," Clark wrote. "I'm no saint but ... sure ain't no member of no gang, drug dealer and most importantly I'm no murderer."

Robert Fuller, an agent with the Metro Gang Task Force, has said the group accused in the drug case may be linked to several unsolved homicides. At a hearing in July, Fuller testified that Clark started by working as a runner for Clark and later starting making his own crack to sell. Fuller said the information came from two confidential informants.

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