Petrino leaving Atlanta for Arkansas: What they're saying

Updated: December 12, 2007, 8:06 PM ET news services

Reaction to Bobby Petrino's decision Tuesday to resign as Falcons head coach to go to Arkansas:

"The best way to describe the way we feel is betrayed."
-- Falcons owner Arthur Blank

"It's just bad he quit like that. That's a sad thing. For him to quit like that, it just shows his true color, like a coward with a yellow stripe down his back. That's how I look at it.''
-- Jaguars defensive end Grady Jackson, who was cut by Petrino in October.

"It got to the point where guys really didn't care if he left or not. But the way he decided to leave, to me, was just not right."
-- Falcons running back Warrick Dunn.

"This league is not for everybody. This league is for real men. I think he realized he didn't belong here."
-- Falcons safety Lawyer Milloy.

"That's what I think brought up the anger, to have him talk about family, about team and about commitment, and then to come in here and have a form letter at your locker. That's not how a man acts. That's how a coward acts."
-- Falcons quarterback Joey Harrington, on Petrino's carefree demeanor at Tuesday's news conference in Arkansas.

"I think it's already in the trash."
-- Falcons center Todd McClure, on Petrino's farewell letter.

"One word: Disloyal."
-- Falcons defensive end Jamaal Anderson.

"He snuck out in the middle of the night like the Baltimore Colts did."
-- Kansas City Chiefs running back Kolby Smith, who played for Petrino at Louisville.

"For my profession, I'm always very disappointed when things like this happen. Kind of leave it at that. This profession needs to handle itself better at times.''
-- Ravens coach Brian Billick.

"He said he's coming in here to win a national championship, so I figure he's going to be here for a while."
-- Razorbacks sophomore linebacker Freddie Fairchild.

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