Judge schedules Sept. 5 hearing, could assign trustee for Vick's money

RICHMOND, Va. -- A federal bankruptcy judge has scheduled a hearing for Sept. 5 to determine whether a trustee is needed to oversee Michael Vick's finances.

Vick, the former NFL quarterback, is serving a federal prison term for a dogfighting conviction.

The U.S. Trustee's office has filed a motion asking that a trustee be appointed for Vick, but Vick's legal team disputes the need for one, claiming it is already doing that work.

"We not only are doing the job that a trustee purportedly would do, but we're months ahead of the trustee and making significant progress," said Peter Ginsburg, a New York-based lawyer with the international law firm Crowell & Moring.

Ginsburg, a former federal prosecutor, is in the process of sifting through creditors, tracing Vick's assets and trying to determine which claims against him are legitimate.

Vick filed for bankruptcy protection from his creditors on July 7.

Santoro also asked that David Talbot appear in court next week. Talbot was hired as Vick's trustee and then dismissed after being brought up on securities fraud charges in New Jersey.