Pennington records telemarketing pitch to help Dolphins sell tickets

10/16/2008 - NFL Chad Pennington Miami Dolphins + more

MIAMI -- Quarterback Chad Pennington was on the phone last week selling season tickets for the Miami Dolphins.

Trying to boost sales in a sluggish economy, the Dolphins recorded a pitch by Pennington and had a telemarketing company use it to call prospective buyers in South Florida.

The Dolphins on Thursday declined to disclose the success rate of the calls but said response was favorable.

"We've heard positive comments from people who called and commented that it was great to get a message from Chad," said George Torres, senior director of marketing and communications for Dolphin Stadium. "We haven't heard any complaints."

Pennington's message stressed the team's desire to create a home-field advantage. Those interested in making a ticket purchase were transferred to a sales representative.

The calls targeted people who have bought tickets in the past but don't own season tickets this year. The Dolphins concede sales have been hurt by last year's 1-15 record, as well as by the economic downturn.

"We've seen the impact of the economy this season," Torres said. "With some season-ticket renewals, people were saying they simply could not afford to do that."

The Dolphins declared Sunday's game against Baltimore a sellout, but said tickets remain because of returns from the Ravens' allotment.