Favre sets NFL straight-starts record

Updated: September 20, 2009, 8:01 PM ET
Associated Press

DETROIT -- Brett Favre has another NFL record.

Favre started Sunday for the 271st straight time in the regular season and threw two touchdown passes to help the Minnesota Vikings beat the Detroit Lions 27-13.

"Today was really not a whole lot different than last week or last year," said Favre, who turns 40 next month. "Every game I play at this point, I'm pretty grateful. I know how difficult it is."

Defensive end Jim Marshall had the previous mark, starting 270 games in a row for Minnesota from 1961-1979.

"Jim was going to try to travel with us to this game; however, this happens to be a first wedding anniversary for him and he kind of thought that would maybe not be a good idea," Vikings coach Brad Childress said. "I'm sure we'll see him next week."

The NFC North-leading Vikings host San Francisco in their home opener.

Favre broke Marshall's record after taking the first snap at Detroit and handing the ball off to Adrian Peterson for a 5-yard run.

The three-time MVP said fans should get used to seeing a lot of that this season.

"I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out, if you come and try to stop everything but Adrian Peterson you're a fool," Favre said. "I got no problem telling you our offense is based around Adrian Peterson. Big deal. We're going to give it again to him next week."

When Favre did throw, he was accurate on an array of short passes.

He was 23 of 27 for 155 yards with two TDs and no interceptions.

Childress insisted the Vikings have not tried to change Favre's game to make him play more conservatively.

"It's not like we put a new chip in his head," Childress said. "He's still slinging it."

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