Williams: Our job to reach the bar

DAVIE, Fla. -- Ricky Williams can't understand why bold comments made by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross over the weekend have created such a stir.

Ross predicted the Dolphins would play in the Super Bowl and suggested Chad Henne could go down as the greatest quarterback in team history, a lofty notion considering Dan Marino and Bob Griese played for them.

"If you don't approach the season thinking that, then you shouldn't be playing football," Williams told ESPN.com on Tuesday. "The reason he said that is he probably heard Coach [Tony] Sparano say it, and that takes a lot of balls for a head coach to say it. He raised the bar, and it's our job to reach it."

Henne enters his third pro season, his first as the starting quarterback. He took over as the starter when Chad Pennington suffered a career-threatening shoulder injury in Week 3 last season. He has made only 13 career starts. He threw 12 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions on a run-oriented team.

Williams shrugged at the idea that comparing Henne to all-time greats was unfair.

"Who would Chad Henne be if he said 'I want to be the second-best quarterback in Miami Dolphins history?'" said Williams, who rushed for 1,121 yards and 11 touchdowns last year. "I don't want a quarterback like that on my team. I think you set the bar and you work hard.

"When I went to Texas on my recruiting trip, I walked into the T-Room, where they have all the pictures and the trophies, and I saw Earl Campbell's Heisman Trophy. At the time, I just said 'Wow, I'd like to put my trophy right next to it.' I didn't mean anything by it. It just touched me and thought it would be cool to have that happen," Williams said.

"Through my whole college career, I always had that in the corner of my mind, and I think it motivated me, pushed me, kept me out of trouble and eventually it happened. If you set the bar and are serious about it, that's when great things happen."

Tim Graham covers the AFC East for ESPN.com.