Local shops lose in Randy Moss moves

Bouncing from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings to the Tennessee Titans has been a boon for Randy Moss and Reebok, and a bust for local sporting good stores in New England and Minnesota.

Sporting-good retailers throughout Massachusetts and Minnesota are expected to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars on unsold Patriot and Viking Moss jerseys while Reebok already has been paid for the jerseys and Moss is assured of collecting about $500,000 worth of royalties, said an industry source well versed in the process.

Reebok now will make and ship new Moss No. 84 Titans jerseys for which the company and the wide receiver will make even more. Retailers in Massachusetts and Minneapolis can only count their losses.

Reebok shipped close to $2.5 million worth of Moss' Patriot and Vikings jerseys to local sporting good stores in New England and Minnesota this season -- $800,000 worth of Moss Patriots jerseys, $728,000 worth of Moss Vikings jerseys, and $750,000 worth of children's Moss jerseys from both teams. Any unsold jerseys now will be difficult to sell.

One industry analyst estimated that retailers would be stuck with at least half of the Moss Patriots jerseys and considerably more of the Moss Vikings jerseys.

"Reebok had backorders it couldn't fill on Moss jerseys in New England and Moss jerseys in Minnesota," said one industry source. "But once it leaves Reebok, the sporting goods shops own it, NFL Shop owns it. It's done."

Adam Schefter is ESPN's NFL Insider.