Fact or Fiction: Week 12

Should the Colts try to re-sign James? That's just one issue our experts debate heading into Week 12.

Updated: November 23, 2004, 3:56 PM ET

Everyone has opinions about what will happen during the NFL season. And the predictions will either prove to be true or false.

So we've made four bold statements and asked our ESPN experts -- former NFL players Eric Allen and Joe Theismann -- whether or not they believe the statements will eventually become fact or fiction.

On which side of the fence do they sit? Click on the links below for their answers.

The NFL should rotate sites for the Thanksgiving Day games
Eric Allen
Fiction: Tradition is more important than giving different teams the opportunity to host this game. I'm sure I speak for most people when I say that when I sit down in front of my television on Thanksgiving Day, that I want to see the Detroit Lions playing and the Dallas Cowboys playing at home. It would be crazy to change this time-honored tradition after so many years.

Joe Theismann
Fiction: We're trying to strip away so much tradition in life anyway. I think it's great that Detroit and Dallas have this game every year. In future years, we're going to end up with Thursday and Saturday games on a more regular basis anyway. Call me old fashioned, but let's try and protect at least some sliver of tradition somewhere in society.