Fact or Fiction: Week 15

Should the Giants replace Eli Manning? That's one issue our experts debate heading into Week 15.

Updated: December 17, 2004, 5:58 PM ET

Everyone has opinions about what will happen during the NFL season. And the predictions will either prove to be true or false.

So we've made four bold statements and asked our ESPN experts -- former NFL players Eric Allen and Mark Schlereth -- whether or not they believe the statements will eventually become fact or fiction.

On which side of the fence do they sit? Click on the links below for their answers.

The Giants should bench Eli Manning and go back to Kurt Warner
Mark Schlereth
Fiction: That wouldn't be the right thing to do for this team. Eli Manning has had a typical poor start for a rookie quarterback. In fact, his numbers aren't that much different from his brother Peyton's first few games as a rookie starter. This is a difficult position to play and a guy either has to be extremely special or be in a good situation to come out as a rookie and win games. The Giants are more than likely out of the playoff hunt, so they might as well keep Manning in the game and try to get him ready for next season. They aren't a very good team, and this will provide him with valuable experience.
Eric Allen
Fiction: It's too late in the season for the Giants to make the switch back to Kurt Warner. They've already knocked themselves out of playoff contention with this move, so the team might as well keep Eli Manning out there to continue his on-the-job training. The Giants should have gone back to Warner after Manning's second start when he was 6 of 21 for 148 yards and two interceptions against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants were just 5-6 at that point in the season and were still in the middle of the playoff hunt. Now they have no shot because they waited too long.